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Spring Fling 2008 - All Those Dancing Feet!

DO40’s 2008 Spring Fling was the perfect antidote to a long day of events – the GMHC AIDS Walk kicked off the morning, followed by BC/EFA’s show at Town Hall, and as you wandered to the Ailey Center for our event, the Ninth Avenue Food Festival!  If we had known, we wouldn’t have ordered food from our caterer!  We could have brought in from right outside the door!  Anyway, the food was great, entertainment heartwarming and the discussions bubbly – like our fabulous wine donated by Joe Ahumada and Brian Albert!

Marge Champion and Lee Roy ReamsThe festivities opened with schmoozing all around, and then performances from some of our previous panels, including the Women of Fosse and the Dancers and Creative Talents of Gower Champion.  Actor Richard Skipper channeled Carol Channing again for us as our members assisted, her with “Before the Parade Passes By.”  Then Louise Quick, Fosse assistant for “Pippin” and DO40 founding member and “Pippin” alumni Eileen Casey, performed the “Manson Trio” (without Ben, again!).  Carol returned to add another number from Dolly that was a real crowd pleaser. 

DO40 welcomed new members from the Radio City Music Hall Corps de Ballet and DO40 president John Sefakis promised to included them in a future panel about these forgotten dancers, who performed over 63 THOUSAND performances at the Music Hall.  And, yes – we’re NOT talking the Rockettes here!

We’re using the summer to plan our Jack Cole event for the Fall.  Thanks to our grant from BC/EFA, we can take the time to prepare and bring the best Cole exemplars we can to the table – well, panel!  That is set for some time in September.  Also in September will be DO40’s second BC/EFA Flea Market appearance.  So, if you’ve been wanting to get rid of some of your theater and dance memorabilia, start planning now! 

Richard Skipper as Carol Channing

Richard Skipper as Carol Channing
- wows the crowd

John Sefakis and Richard Skipper

DO40 President with his second favorite leading lady (after Gwen, of course!)...Carol Channing (aka Richard Skipper). Richard wowed the audience yet again with his human and touching portrayal of La Channing!


2008 Spring Fling at Alvin Ailey

The beautiful (well, from up here!) skyline of Midtown West Manhattan
from our drinks table!  Talk about a room with windows! 
The Ailey Center is simply gorgeous.  And since our party went from 7 – 10pm,
we got to see New York in daylight, at dusk and night time.

Eileen Casey & Louise Quick

Eileen Casey and Louise Quick go to War in the Manson Trio from PIPPIN


Louise Quick with her “Entourage,” including her roomie and singer-actress Lonette McKee.


Manson Trio

The end of the Manson Trio, featuring (l to r) Eileen Casey and Louise Quick. With an audience in the “round,” these performers still knew how to play to everyone!


Gentle Yoga Ad

Eileen Casey and Susan Sigrist

Here’s performer and DO40 founding member Eileen Casey with DO40 member and photographer Susan Sigrist.  Drop dead view with some drop dead dames!  Louise Quick recruited Eileen when DO40 member Penny Worth felt her shoulder surgery needed more time for reovery


Teak Lewis, John Sefakis and Johnny Nola

Teak Lewis, DO40 President John Sefakis and Johnny Nola – all long-time DO40ers (well, some longer than others!)
Ed Kresley and Nicole Barth


Johnny Nola, Carol and Marvin Eiger

DO40 Member Johnny Nola (Men of Fosse AND Dancers of Gower Champion!) and Carol and Marvin Eiger (Maxwell-Stevens)

The Boys chat it up from a different, more West Side View: 
(l to r) Teak Lewis, Joe Frazzetta, Johnny Nola, Joe Ahumada
and Brian Albert (thanks, Joe and Brian for donating the great wines!)


Mama Rose…who???   When you’ve got Carol,
and a few DO40 chorus dancers, who needs Patti? 


Schmoozing and eating pre performance, and pre-dusk!


Decades of Dancers!  Nicole Barth, Karin Baker, Lars Rosager,
Lee Roy Reams, Jerry Ames among others!


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