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Listen up, you folks who still have your tights, leotards and Oomph (which, of course, is most of you, right?!):

WHAT? Re:AB pilates is offering special events for Dancers: Free mat class every 3rd Thursday from 1-2pm; Free Open House on April 21, May 19. June 16.

WHERE: 33 Bleecker Streeet, suite 2C
HOW to register?  Call Roberta Musolino at 212 420 9111

For info on the Pilates Teacher Training Program at re:AB, led by Brooke Siler, check out their website:

And wait: there's MORE!!!!

ABT is doing a wonderful program in May as part of the renowned "Works & Process" program at the Gugenheim. For over 25 years, we have been able to enjoy many exciting and stimulating evenings in this performing arts series, which informs artistic creation through discussion and performance. It is held in the beautiful 285-seat theatre designed by Mr. Wright himself, and there's even a decent nosh afterwards in the rotunda, complete with wine! A veritable feast for mind, body and soul.

But why am I reminding you of all this, which as former dancers, you already KNOW everything there is to know about "kultcha" in the Big Apple? Because ABT is presenting, "On to Act II" on Sunday and Monday, May 1 and 2, at 7:30 p.m.  It's for the many people who've wondered about what happens to those of us who used to be the dancers they all came to see on stage, at the ballet, Broadway shows, Modern Dance concert halls and the like. Well, in this program, there'll be a discussion with a panel of distinguished ABT alums, about exactly what happens to them. They will be exploring the "exciting journeys and challenges that dancers face in the second act of their careers." 

I could/would/can add some more descriptions, including frustration, anger, emotional highs and lows, maddening interviews that got nowhere, feeling the emptiness after spending so many years onstage, etc…I remember feeling the total futility of the first few years as I transitioned out of being a well-known Modern Dancer/teacher/choreographer with a full-time academic career, I remember having to wear "real street clothes" for the first time in decades, cut off my pony tail, look and act…."normal" and go for many informatinal interviews to suss out what's out there. All this while becoming heavier from not dancing all day every day, and reinventing one's selt. So I now, in my 70's, have realized that it's not just the second act at all. It's going into the Fourth Act, and there's been no intermission.

Enough about me. Let me know how you find this program, which should be food for thought (and those crust-less sandwiches aren't bad, either)!

For further information, visit  or phone the box office at 212 423 3587. These programs tend to sell out quickly. Enjoy!

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