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The Women of Fosse - More Photos

Our next panels (after the Men of Fosse) will include Gower Champion, Michael Bennett and Ron Field. But give us time to set them up!

Women of Fosse Photo 20

Gower Girls Nicole Barth and Karin Baker


Women of Fosse Photo 4

PIPPIN Alumni Denise Pence and Ken Urmston

Women of Fosse Photo 6

George Marcy (WSS, Damn Yankees) Jeanne
Charnin and Ken Urmston (TONS of shows!)

The audience was one of the most attentive ever! Holding on to every word and learning something new every second! Panelists shared stories from the last five decades of Fosse, the good, the bad and the ug, well, the funny!

Women of Fosse Photo 8

Carolyn Kirsch making a point

Women of Fosse Photo 10

Generations of Dancers: Jeannie Jones Snow (SONG OF NORWAY!! CALL ME MISTER!), Carolyn Kirsch (COMPANY, ACL, CHICAGO) and Dana Moore (DANCIN’ SWEET CHARITY, FOSSE)

Carolyn Kirsch

Carolyn Kirsch (All DO40 panel discussions
are donated to the Lincoln Center Library)

Women of Fosse Photo 21

Louise Quick, Renata Sanford (in from
Austin, TX) and Leni Anders

Evans and Sefakis

Harvey in a Fosse Hat
and DO40 Pres John Sefakis

Women of Fosse Photo 5

Valerie Harper, DO40 Pres John Sefakis
and Marge Beddow

Women of Fosse Photo 7

Lawrence Merritt (TONS of shows!)
and Carolyn Kirsch

Women of Fosse Photo 9

Kay Popp Genese (BEST FOOT FORWARD), Jeanne Jones Snow and Valerie Harper (WILDCAT!)

Women of Fosse Photo 11

Louise Quick explaining Fosse as
Penny Worth looks on.

Women of Fosse Photo Audience 1

The audience beaming with pride
(most of them!)

Women of Fosse Photo 22

The whole panel. What would Fosse say
about their posture and attitudes!?!?!?!!?!?

Jeanne Jones Snow

Jeanne Jones Snow


The Way They Were...


Penny Worth

Penny Worth


Louise Quick

Louise Quick

Marge Beddow

Marge Beddow


Harvey Evans

Moderator Harvey Evans

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