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DO40’s YOUTUBE Channel: Over 100,000 Video Hits, 120 Video Clips

A Guide to our Extensive Playlists!

DO40 on YouTube In the last two years, Dancers Over 40’s Youtube channel,
, has seen 100,000 video hits! We’ve gotten subscribers from all over the world, and reconnected with many dancers who didn’t know about us! With 200 video clips that include performances, panel discussions and concert work, it’s a testament to all the hard work our members have put in since we began these events in 2006..

You couldn’t make it to The Women of Fosse?  A friend of Harvey Evans and can’t get enough of him? – Go to The Men of Fosse!  Want more Marge Champion dish?  The Dancers and Creative Talents of Gower Champion has tons!  You’ll find them all right here, performing and storytelling their hearts out! 

Also, Casting directors who call our hotline in search of mature talent now have a place to go and see the dancers “live,” which saves on calls, and pictures and resumes!  See our article on DO40’s new ARTSWorkplace.   Thanks to this youtube site, we’ve sort of resurrected our own Frank Pietri’s original concept of a casting/agency/file for DO40 members and assisting our members to get auditions! (Photo Above Left:  Penny Worth & Carolyn Kirsch doing Hot Honey Rag from CHIGAGO)

All you need do is CLICK HERE and you're in! OR, just go to and voila! You'll be in dance Heaven!

These clips will keep you crouched in front of your computer for hours!  Break out the celery and carrots!  Go wild with a non-fat free dip!  Nosh and Watch – and take notes with your free hand!  Because everything that is said in these clips is priceless!
If you’re in New York City, you have the luxury of going to the Jerome Robbins Dance Collection at the Lincoln Center Library for the Arts to view the panel/performances in their entirety as DO40 has donated all the unexpurgated tapes, but if you’re cruising through cyberspace in Los Angeles (hello, Cheryl Clark, our favorite Merry Murderess!) you can now watch your fellow Fosse-ites any time you want! 


The channel is broken down into a series of Playlists, first and foremost, of course being DO40’s panel and performances.  In order of their premiere, they are: 

In the Company of Friends:  Dancers Talking to Dancers (our umbrella title for all of our panels)  – The Men and Women of the ‘40s and ‘50s, featuring Ann Pimm, Kaye Popp Genese, George Marcy, Stuart Hodes and moderator Harvey Evans. 

The Women of Fosse, featuring Marge Beddow, Dana Moore, Penny Worth, Carolyn Kirsch, Jeanne Jones Snow, Louise Quick and moderator Harvey Evans. 

The Men of Fosse, featuring Gene Foote, Dick Korthaze, Gene Gavin, Ken Urmson, Bill Guske, Harvey Evans, George Marcy, Johnny Nola and moderator Louise Quick. 

DO40: Gower Champion PanelThe Dancers and Creative Talents of Gower Champion, featuring Lee Roy Reams, Tony Stevens, Bob Fitch, Nicole Barth, Don Perassi, Ed Kresley, Lars Rosager, Johnny Nola, Gene Bayliss, Bert Michaels, Terrie Robinson, Marge Champion, Karin Baker, Iva Withers and moderated by TV icon David Hartman. Non-dancer Carol Channing, a.k.a. Richard Skipper, livened up the event by using DO40 members in her "production number!" (see photo left

Jack Cole:  Alive and Kicking, featuring Chita Rivera, Marge Champion, host Dick Cavett, moderator Alan Johnson and panelists Ethel and George Martin, Gemze de Lappe, Norma Doggett Bezwick and Stuart Hodes (see in picture below, Ethel and George Martin with Alan Johnson)

Jack Cole:  Alive and Kicking

The Ladies of the Radio City Music Hall Corps de Ballet, DO40’s 2008 holiday party and panel, featuring 21 (!!) members of the Corps, who danced on the (concrete) stage of RCMH from 1937 (yep!) to 1978!  And each and every one is a DO40 member!  It was the largest panel DO40 has ever assembled!

Each Playlist has clips from the panels and performance clips from each event.  You can also watch them at random by just going to the site and clicking on any of the videos.

DO40 on YouTube

The 21 member panel of the Ladies of the RCMH Corps de Ballet

But, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet !!!  

We then have concert footage from some of our previous events and interviews and performances of DO40 members that aired on MetroArts/Thirteen, the non-commercial cable arts channel of Thirteen/WNET back in 2000 – 2001.  You’ll find that under Archives:  DO40 on MetroArts Thirteen, 2000 – 2001.

Dancers Over 40 Salutes Phil Black – We recently recovered the original tapes from one of our first big events in 2006, Phil Black Tributethe surprise 80th birthday celebration for the famed teacher of Broadway’s best, Mr. Phil Black.  You’ll see performances based on Phil’s jazz and tap classes, songs and touching monologues about this great man.  Featured are Marge Beddow, George Marcy, Paige Polishner, Roseanna Mineo and talented dancer Arte Phillips, who recently died at the young age of 49.  Laughter and tears.  Laughter and tears.  If you’d like to say hello to Phil, he just moved to the Actors’ Fund Home in New Jersey. (Photo Right:  Producer Nancy Murton applauds Phil, seated with his sister Mary, left, and friend Barbara, right)

Dancers Over 40 in Concert and DO40 Panel Performances round out the Playlists, with concert footage from DO40 events.


Our Favorites are culled from the YouTube plethora of videos; you’ll find a young Harvey Evans in APPLAUSE, Gwen Verdon doing “Whatever Lola Wants,” and the original “Manson Trio” from PIPPIN.  You’ll see Gwen and Chita doing “Nowadays” and “Keep it Hot” from CHICAGO, so you can compare it to DO40 members Penny Worth and Carolyn Kirsch doing the same song and dance at our Women of Fosse panel (30 years later)! 


If you know of any other videos that you’d like to see under Favorites, send us a message from the YouTube site or to and we’ll see what we can do!  And speaking of interactive


We encourage participation and communication!!  Please continue to post your comments on the youtube site.  It has become a source of information and education to many across the country and the globe!

And don’t forget to “Subscribe” to our channel!  

With a click of your mouse you can be sure to be notified every time DO40 posts a new video on YouTube!  Become a subscriber, share your Favorites that way, and make OUR videos YOUR favorites!  That spreads the word even more! 


DO40 SubscriberThis was a lot of work!  It takes a huge amount of man/woman-power (!) and lots of long hours to compile a video history like we have done.  We’re in dire need of some techies to help us.  And we’ve just put ourselves up on Facebook!  And those of you not computer savvy, we’ll settle for a membership to DO40 or a donation to help us continue to provide you with a chronicle of our History, our Legacy and our Lives.  And you can do all that on our website.   Enough said.  The YouTube site speaks  -- and dances – for itself!   It will provide you with weeks and weeks of entertainment. 

And coming up next...LIVE!...and then on YouTube!


This Spring we’re embarking on another incredibly taxing theatrical ride – Michael Kidd Rides Again! With stars galore!  Seven Brides for Seven BrothersThus far, Jane Powell, director/choreographer Grover Dale, Shelah Hackett Kidd, and Valerie Harper (if scheduling permits), along with our many DO40 members who worked with Kidd on Broadway in his many Broadway shows:  Shirley (Nelson) Holst (flying in from Colorado), Fred Curt (flying in from LA), Teak Lewis, Carolyn Kirsch, Judy Dunford, Dick Korthaze and a mini-reunion of the Seven Brides for Seven Brothers movie cast, Jacques D’Amboise, Norma Doggett Bezwick, Virginia Gibson, Fred Curt and of course, Jane Powell! (photo at right from Seven Brides courtesy of PhotoFest) It will be held at the St. Luke’s Theatre on West 46th Street, 8pm.  Tickets will be available through Telecharge. More precise news on this event soon!

In May, our annual Spring Fling will be From Ballroom to Ballroom!, featuring our members from the Broadway musical Ballroom and members of the Ballroom community, performing, and instructing us in the art of couples dancing!  More news in April on that!

To paraphrase another DO40 Advisory Board member, Chita Rivera in CHICAGO, “We simply cannot do it Alone!”

A Great New Benefit for All DO40 Members!

D040 Megaphone Photo

Members of Dancers Over 40 and their immediate family members are now eligible to join the Actors Federal Credit Union!

Thanks to original DO40 member Jean Lee planting an idea in president John Sefakis’ head this summer, the Actors Federal Credit Union has approved DO40 as a component organization with all the benefits associated with that designation. (Ms. Lee was also instrumental in getting Sefakis over to the Actors Fund Home in New Jersey for Edwin Forrest Day, which came in handy when DO40 produced the Circle of Friends benefit for Actors Home resident Kathryn Hull in August.)
This is a Big Step for DO40!

DO40 members will now have available to them a full-service financial institution with a true family feeling. It’s service and education over and above profit or income. Interest and dividend rates are competitive with, or better than, commercial and savings banks. Saving here helps build a credit base toward consideration for loans. Deposits are federally insured up to $100,000 by the NCUSIF (National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund). So now that DO40 Membership Card carries some clout! And real benefits!

Credit Union members pool their money for the benefit of all. Money deposited in members' "share" accounts is used for loans to other members. Interest received on those loans is used to pay dividends on savings.
Unlike commercial financial institutions, The AFCU cares about and serves only one group - the entertainment community. This often means a better deal than commercial institutions offer, like lower rates, more cost effective services, and overall better service.

Services Include:

  • Savings,
  • Free Checking,
  • Visa Check Card,
  • Over 200 Free Local ATMs,
  • Shared Branching,
  • Direct Deposit,
  • IRA Bonus Rates,
  • Holiday Club,
  • Automated Services,
  • Online Bill Payment,
  • High Yield Share Certificates

Actors Federal Credit Union is a cooperatively run, non-profit banking organization char-tered in 1962 for the benefit of the members of Actors' Equity Association. Today, any paid-up member of Equity, SAG, AFTRA, or a member in good standing of any of the approved component organizations are eligible to apply for membership. And Dancers Over 40, Inc. has now been approved and all members are eligible to join! Just present a valid ID … and, of course, your DO40 Membership Card and you’re on your way!

Piggy Bank

The AFCU has a BETTER Idea!

Many of our current members have been part of this organization for a long time, but new members may not have had the opportunity to join a performer’s union, or a credit union that offers so much to the entertainment community.

The Credit Union is not part of Equity, SAG, or any of the component organizations. It has its own offices and its own finances.

The Credit Union is located at 165 West 46th St., 14th Floor, New York, NY 10036. Phone: 212-869-8926. Contact: Steve Sobotta, Director of Marketing, AFCU at ext. 315.

The web address is

Take a look at the website, decide if this is something that you would like to take advantage of, and give Steven a call!


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