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Jeannie Jones Snow (1923 - 2016)

Dancers over 40 remembers long-time member Jeannie Jones
(Jeanne LaVaughn Jones Snow), who died on April 2, 2016
at the age of 93 and one day.

We were notified by her surviving son, Danny O. Snow, who appeared in "Mame" at the Winter Garden Theater, as well as in TV and film productions.  

Jeannie was the longest surviving member of her immediate family, and became a surrogate mother and grandmother to her nieces, nephews and their children, all of whom will miss her dearly.

She danced in "Something for the Boys" with DO40 member Kay Popp Genese, starring Ethel Merman; “Make Mine Manhattan” with DO40 member Skip Randall, starring Sid Caesar; “Showboat” with Talley Beatty, Buddy Ebsen and Pearl Primus; and the road company of “Call me Mister” with Bob Fosse, Buddy Hackett and Carl Reiner, and many other Broadway productions.  She was a favorite of George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins.  She was also a television dancer on the Milton Berle Show and is remembered as one of the original Old Gold "dancing cigarettes."

Jeanne's career in the theatre remained the center of her identity throughout her life.  Even in her eighties, she was active in Dancers Over 40, and flew to NYC to participate in their 2007 Women of Fosse event, which is now on the DO40 youtube channel for the next generation to watch – and learn from:

Youtube video.  

She also came to NYC the following year for our Jack Cole event, as her niece was performing as Ava Gardner in a short guest spot during our Cole presentation. 

Jeannie was a teenager when she took a train to NYC from Middletown, Indiana, in pursuit of her dream.  She landed a gig within three weeks (and stayed at the Mayflower for $8 per week!) One of her roommates at the Mayflower was Jeannie Coyne, a dancer who later married Gene Kelly. The Kelly and Snow families were close, especially when Gene did the film of Brigadoon. (Harry Snow played Charlie in the stage version at NY City Center, circa 1964).

Jeannie would want to inspire young people to roll the dice and take a one-in-a-million chance as she did, and would want to thank past and current AEA members for the dues that paid her a modest pension for 30+ years after retirement.  Danny mentioned it made a meaningful difference in her life as she matured.

Inquiries may be sent to her son, Danny at:

"Good night sweet prince(ss) and flights of angels sing thee to thy  

Announcement of any NYC celebration will come through Danny, who is considering a late September, early October gathering here in the city.  For information on the Indiana events, contact Danny directly.



Jeanne Jones Snow and DO40 member Skip Randall
in “Make Mine Manhattan,” 1947




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