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2012 DO40 Legacy Awards

A Joyous Evening filled with Laughter and Reminiscence
as DO40 Honors its Own – the 2012 Legacy Awards!

2012 DO40 Legacy Awards

From Left ot Right: Larry Fuller, George Marcy, Carol Lawrence,
Lee Roy  Reams and Norma Doggett-Bezwick,

Another event, another packed house!  DO40 presented its fourth annual Legacy Awards at their Holiday Dinner, this year again at the over-the-top LIPS restaurant in NYC.  Honorees Norma Doggett-Bezwick, Larry Fuller, Carol Lawrence, George Marcy and Lee Roy Reams felt the warmth waft up to the dais, as speakers Ken Urmston, Leni Anders, Kim Jordan, Billy Goldenberg, Dennis Grimaldi, Richard Skipper, Donna McKechnie and Leslie Uggams sang their praises.  Well, there was no singing or dancing, except for a wonderful poem recited by Norma and a Borscht Belt ditty Carol belted out from her early years in the “business…”  It was love, love, love, love…. If this restaurant could float, it would be THAT boat!

DO40 President John Sefakis welcomes the audience to the Legacy Awards.

Hosts Harvey Evans and Richard Skipper kept the evening moving along, even with a few (usual) technical glitches and faux pas (that us show biz kids know how to cover – easily!)  Video clips were shown of celebs unable to attend who wanted to send their love – Harold Prince, Stefanie Powers and Chita Rivera.  Chita also introduced a video montage of the honorees, with clips from Top Banana, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, 42nd Street, Evita, Sweeney Todd, West Side Story, and many, many more.

Hosts Richard Skipper and Harvey Evans entertain the crowd.

Also in the audience, former Legacy Award winners Gemze de Lappe, Marge Champion, Nicole Barth, Bella Malinka and Richard Korthaze (oh, and Harvey Evans, too!).  Members roamed the tables finding old friends they hadn’t seen in decades.  And our newest members, Roger Ellis, Bethany Elkin and Mary Callahan don’t even add up to George Marcy’s age! (which we won’t tell!).  Our FODO 40 members (friends of Dancers Over 40) are for our young generation of dancers and those who want to join who are not dancers.  All three volunteered their services, ushering (Mary Callahan), schlepping the tables and banners (Bethany Elkin) and helping with video editing for the event (Roger Ellis).  It’s wonderful to see the younger generation of dancers understand the importance of the history, legacy and lives of our community.  They’ll get there!  Not next week, but they intend to be ready to inherit the mantle!

Lee Roy Reams looks on as Donna McKechnie speaks about him.

Video clips will be available on our member-only video page here on the website, for all of the card-carrying die-hard members to view over and over!   And photos are up on our facebook page and on our website(soon)!  DO40 is so fortunate to have a membership of such dedicated people!  As Advisory Board member Chita Rivera said in CHICAGO (to paraphrase), We Simply Cannot Do It Alone!

Leslie Uggams’ turn to speak about Lee Roy – in the nicest of terms!

 Also in the audience, the audience, producer Arthur Shafman, DO40 member Tony Sheldon (Priscilla, Queen of the Desert), Jaime Rogers from the original West Side Story, Bick Goss, Karin Baker and hubby Greg Kayne, Betty Jacob, the fabulous Boockvors, Steve and Denise, Joy Serio Dunbar, Teak Lewis, Gene Foote, and cast members from every 1950s, 60s and 70s show imaginable!  An impressive crowd.  An impressive evening!

DO40 member and Equity VP Kim Jordan, demonstrating the
official Larry Fuller Evita pose.  She assisted Larry on many of the tours

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Background Photo 2013 LEGACY AWARDS, By Jeff Eason, Wilsonmodels, Inc