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Coming Back into the Fold

A Heartwarming Letter – and Membership Renewal -- from Kathy Conry

October 14, 2008

Dear Mr. Sefakis,

After attending the ALIVE & KICKING tribute to Jack Cole last night, I simply had to renew my membership to DO40!

I was a charter member back in 1996-97 (being long time friends and associates with Jon Mineo, Kathy Hull, Karin Baker, Janet Watson, Harvey Evans, the Boockvors, Marge and Donald, etc.), and it seemed like an organization that would be fun to be a part of.  Over the years, however, it seemed to not be going anywhere and I dropped my membership.

However, last night’s event proved that under your leadership DO40 is finding a voice and a solid place in the community and I want to be a part of it!  Thank you for that awesome event (except for Mr. Cavett, who needed to be corralled!).  Seeing Chita and Gemze de Lappe (my former neighbor at Manhattan Plaza and choreographer for a production of Oklahoma in 1967!!) was exhilarating!

I had been out of town for 5 months and just returned to the city that afternoon, so seeing so many old friends and associates was so invigorating!  I’ll look forward to the next event!

Thanks again for an event that made DO40 look like an organization that ANYONE would want to be a part of!



DO40 Responds:

Dear Kathleen:

Thank you so much for your thoughtful note.  It made my day!  My ongoing dedication and commitment to this creative community is fueled by the enormous amount of respect and admiration that I hold for each and every one of you.  Thank you for rejoining, and for your renewed commitment to DO40.  We can’t do it without you! 


John Sefakis, Pres., DO40



Dear DO40:

Please find enclosed a check for $45.00 toward dues for my continued membership. The organization is doing a great job for money! I wish to thank you for the wonderful Spring party and "performance" It was a blast! See you on October 13th!



Dear All at DO40,

Please excuse my tardiness in sending dues. Too busy working as usual!

Cancel my London address, phone #’s, e-mail, etc. I will be based in France until further notice.
I’m choreographing a new original story, feature film – a musical comedy – shooting in Paris this summer.

Will be in Las Vegas in April for the opening of my show at MGM, “The Crazy Horse.”

Hope all is well with you!


New Dance Group Link


Hello, Dancers,

My first job in NYC was as a “Roxyette.” And then musicals: the original “Pal Joey,” “Something for the Boys,” “One Touch of Venus," and operettas at Carnegie Hall and City Center U.S.O. shows.

I worked with Zoya Leporska – can’t remember which operetta. She was a beautiful dancer. After WWII, I married and taught dance for 50 years (and retired at 80). Jeanne (Jones) Snow introduced me to DO40. I roomed and worked with her along with Jeanne (Coyne) Kelly, Gene Kelly’s wife.

We’re planning a reunion in NYC, so would like to know when your next event is!

Enclosed is my check for dues, and a donation for your next dance concert.

Ann Pimm spoke at the Annual DO40 Spring Fling on May 20th about Broadway, her friends (Jeanne Coyne and Zoya Leporska) and her 50 year dance career.


Dear Dancers Over 40…

Dancers Over 40 affirmed my dancing years, 1943 – 1966 on Broadway, TV and ballet. “Dancers” is a tonic, a CPR for we who “once were.” Today I am 84, living in my home state of Indiana. Not much doing artistically except Indiana University, which boasts a reputable ballet department and an excellent music school. Once in a while, a Broadway show with an Equity cast comes to Bloomington! “The Producers” revved me up for a week! In 1950 & 1951 I did the Old Gold Dancing Cigarette Pack commercial on ABC on Bert Parks’ “Stop the Music.” So I am a tapper. The month of May will find me “mother of the groom,” so it is doubtful that I can be with you (for your spring events).

I’m sending my dues without the form – don’t want to cut into the newsletter! If I have eyes to read, Dancers Over 40 will continue to be a pleasure. In addition, I’m hardly a whiz on the computer – but hope springs eternal.

Yay for our side!


Hi, All !!!!

Sorry to be so late with my dues! Ballet for Young Audiences still keeps me busy. Do you have a bulletin board for casting notices? Recently I needed a mature dancer with combat skills for our new ballet (of) The Pirates!

Ron Stratton – I remember you working with us some years ago!


DO40 Board Responds:

Dear Harriett,

We sure do! Just check out our website and discussion board! And soon we’ll be in the casting business as well, thanks to founding member Frank Pietri’s efforts on behalf of our folks!


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