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Place Your Photo/Resume Online!

DO40 Launches a New Job Initiative for Members:

DO40 ARTS Workplace

Pictures on Line for Producers/Casting Directors!

Dancers Over 40, in an effort to continue its mission of promoting creative outlets for our members, is instituting a new section on our website dedicated to help get members more visibility in the workplace – the ARTS workplace. 

DO40 ARTS Workplace

DO40 ARTSWorkplace is up and running! CLICK HERE to view the gallery.

Due to the tremendous response to our Youtube channel, we have been contacted numerous times by casting directors about our members.  They see them, hear them and in some cases, see them perform on our channel.  And guess what?  They’re getting jobs!  So, in order to link our members – and website --  to this wonderful opportunity, we’ve decided to eliminate our discussion board for now (and let our youtube site emails take its place) and place resume pictures of our members on our site. 

It seems that casting directors, inundated with pictures, must plow through pages and pages of pictures on the SAG website and others to find performers for their needs.  Now that DO40 is getting known, casting directors will have a place to go for niche casting – they don’t have to go through thousands of pictures and untried professionals.  They’re here, they’re clearly mature, get used to it! 

So, MEMBERS, please send your pictures and resumes to and once we’re all set up, WE will be contacting casting directors and letting them know about this new, unique niche service for them – and our members!

This will be a free service for DO40 members, and eventually we may open it up to non-members for a small fee, but for right now, we’ll institute this feature with the following instructions:

  • Only one picture can be posted, b/w or color; the picture can only be changed every 60 days
  • DO40 will keep on file the resumes of these members
  • No information, including phone numbers will be given out to casting people;
  • Our DO40 Hotline will be the only way casting people can contact DO40
  • DO40 will contact the DO40 member when casting people contact our hotline
  • Please call our hotline if you have any questions about this service

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