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New Dance Group Surprises DO40
Founding Member Frank Pietri!

(It Worked!!! He didn’t know!!!!)

New Dance Group Honors their Teacher and Friend
and dedicates a dance studio in his honor

Frank Pietri Party 1

A stunned Frank Pietri was overwhelmed with applause and love Friday, May 11th when New Dance Group honored Frank Pietri for his 28 years of teaching at their studios. The surprise was hatched long ago, and Jen Falik, Farrah Crane and Meghan Burns got together with DO40 President John Sefakis to share stories of Frank, mailing lists and ideas on how to make the event unforgettable for Frank, his friends and the staff of NDG.


Frank Pietri Party 3

VP Ronnie Stratton looks on (l) and Former DO40 Pres Chris Nelson does the same (r) as Pres John Sefakis presents Frank with a Memory Box, which included a bronze jazz shoe and laminated program covers from SEESAW, PROMISES, PROMISES and BALLROOM, a few of the many Broadway shows in which Frank appeared.


Frank Pietri Party 5

The Frank Pietri Dancers

Frank’s Students took him to dinner after class on Friday night, and brought him back, ostensibly to see a student dance concert. All the audience was in place when he arrived, and we were prepped to be quiet and shield our faces if we thought Frank would notice too many of his friends in the audience! A solo by Colin Raybin began the evening as if nothing else was planned. And then out came Jennifer and Meghan and let the cat out of the bag! A stunned Frank was greeted by a standing ovation and applause for what seemed like eons! Everyone then settled down and watched a video about Frank, dances and songs by the Frank Pietri Dancers and Choir.

Frank Pietri Party 2

The DO40 Gang gather around Frank, l to r, back, Marilyn D’honau, Ed Kressley, Ronnie Stratton, Ron Young, front, Ken Urmston, Nicole Barth, Joy Serio Dunbar and KathySeng Gurland

Dancers and friends from long ago to the present were, well present! They included DO40 member and A Chorus Line alum Kelly (Carole) Bishop, choreographer Lynne Taylor Corbett, DO40 First President Christopher Nelson, as well as many, many DO40 members and Frank’s students of all ages – and sizes!

Frank Pietri Party 4

Meghan Burns presents Frank with the plaque that will go outside the dance studio named for him, that will include the names of people who made generous contributions in his honor.

The video presentations were wonderful, filled with pictures of Frank and his friends from his childhood to his Broadway shows, to just kidding around with students. The video tributes were heartfelt and sincere, and a fitting tribute to a great guy!

Frank Pietri Party 6

Everyone wants to take a turn hugging their Frankie! This time it’s Joy Serio Dunbar’s good fortune.

Special thanks to Farrah Crane, Jennifer Falik and Meghan Burns of NDG for doing such a wonderful job organizing and planning the event!

Georgie’s Party for DO40 members showed us members who care
We don’t have time for the story now – we’re going shopping for the holidays! 
But here are some pictures from the party!  More later!!


DO40 2007 Photo 1

XMAS Bells

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