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The Women of Fosse (and Photos)

D040 Summer Day at Sea Bright

DO40 Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

DO40 Members at the 80th Academy Awards


Who needs the New York Times
when you get a quote like that?!

Women of Fosse

Jeanne Jones Snow, Carolyn Kirsch
and Dana Moore

IN THE COMPANY OF FRIENDS: Dancers Talking to Dancers DO40’s second panel discussion was a huge success. Websites were buzzing! People came from all over, including theater chat sites and said “Priceless!” “It was simply thrilling to breathe the same air as all those wonderful performers!” And those that read the posts but didn’t attend wrote, “I would have killed to see this!” They are already asking for the date of The MEN of Fosse! Give us some time to catch our breath!

Louise Quick and Penny Worth opened the show with the “Manson Trio” from PIPPIN. Marge Beddow performed “’Erbie Fitch’s Twitch” from REDHEAD (Marge understudied Gwen Verdon in the original production) and Carolyn Kirsch and Penny Worth performed “Nowadays/Keep it Hot” from CHICAGO (they starred in the original CHICAGO tour after Gwen and Chita).

Women of Fosse 2

Harvey Evans, Marge Beddow,
Penny Worth and Louise Quick

Besides these great performers the panel consisted of Dana Moore, from DANCIN’ and FOSSE, Jeanne Jones Snow, who performed in CALL ME MISTER with Fosse and his first wife, Mary Ann Niles in 1947, and moderator Harvey Evans, who performed in REDHEAD, and danced the “Who’s got the Pain” with Gwen Verdon in her last tour of DAMN YANKEES in 1974.

Seen in the audience were Valerie Harper,
Jeanne Charnin, Judd Jones, Pam Myers
and a slew of Broadway Gypsies from the
50’s, 60’s and 70’s… and 80’s… and it goes on…

(Read about our previous panel discussion)


The event had performance, panel discussion and video (from the Dick Cavett programs from the 70’s featuring Verdon and Fosse in hour long discussion and performance). The audience leapt to its feet for a deserved standing ovation – not the Broadway show “kind” of ovation – the real thing!


Theater Talk Link


On July 20th, a dozen DO40 members traveled to the small, sleepy enclave of Sea Bright, NJ to visit DO40 member Louise Quick’s little bungalow of love, across the street from the lovely seashore!  Last year’s event was canceled to due inclement weather, so we’ve waited a year for this!  Unfortunately, some DO40 members will have to wait yet another year!  It seems that members Harvey Evans, Marge Beddow and Ron Stratton arrived at the NY Bus Depot only to find that the bus to Sea Bright had been canceled that morning and the next one wasn’t until 6pm!  There went the tanning!

(Interestingly enough, none of the DO40 members wanted to be photographed in their bathing suits!  Well, except for John Sefakis, but his was too small to show on this website!)

But DO40 members Chuck Karel and his wife, Gene Gavin, DO40 pres. John Sefakis, Michael Isaacs, Richard Skipper (aka Carol Channing from our Gower Champion event!) and his partner and a bevy of beauties/chorus women from Louise’s past were in attendance.  It was a lovely day, and there was food galore.  Louise provided towels and tanning lotion and a shower (which we really needed!).  We can’t wait until next year!  Louise, you’ll have to get a bigger place!  Break through to the upper floor and make it a duplex!  Until next summer… A big hug and thanks to Louise Quick for her charming southern hospitality – in southern New Jersey!

SEE Women of Fosse photos below and also click on the gold star for even more photos!

Women of Fosse Star Link

And yes, these are MEMBERS
of Dancers over 40!!!!

Our membership is an American Treasure!
And we’re here to share our history, our lives with you!

The audience although not glittering
(it was a hot Sunday afternoon!),
was gay, sassy and extremely talented
in their own right!

Women of Fosse Photo 1


Women of Fosse Photo 2


Women of Fosse Photo 3

Dancers Over 40 Receives its First Grant –
from Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS has given Dancers Over 40 its first grant – one that hopefully will continue as annual support – for all our efforts, panels and events we produce.

Executive Director of BC/EFA Tom Viola wrote, “I’ve been reading of the recent seminars presented by DO40. Reading of those sent me to your website which looks great and I particularly enjoyed. As I read through the website, I realized that there were so many “dancers over 40” who have made BC/EFA’s work possible over the years, as well as younger ones dancing today who will be “over 40” sooner than they think….Keep up the good work.”

So, thank you Tom, BC/EFA, Chris, Scott, et. al., from all of us at DO40 – the Board of Directors, Advisory Board and our loyal members. We won’t let you down!

DO40 Members Hit the Big Time and
Perform at the 80th Annual Academy Awards -- Seen by Billions!

Academy Awards

(l to r) DO40 Members Nicole Barth, Board Member Harvey Evans
and Marge Beddow (r) with Kristin Chenoweth

With all the excitement of the Oscars, it was tough for DO40 member Nicole Barth to come back and concentrate on (1) work and (2) the Gower Champion panel! Hopefully, we’ll have recollections from these talented people soon, but right now they’re all just damn pooped from all these activities! A week and a half in L.A. to rehearse their Disney number from Enchanted, in which they were featured (the Central Park musical number, recreated at the Oscars) and then back to NYC for Gower and all the press and hub-bub that ensued! This shows to go ya, folks, keep at it! There’s always the 81st Annual Academy Awards!



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