and Francis J. Roach. Photographed by DO40 president John Sefakis. DO40 continues its ARTSLegacy series honoring all of our members. These written transcripts will also be donated to the Jerome Robbins Dance Collection at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, and eventually into a compilation suitable for publishing. In this issue we present our 2020 DO40 Legacy Award Honorees, Dennis Birchall, Jeri Kansas and Francis J. Roach! Our ARTSLegacy Biographies are an added benefit for people who do not live in the tri-state area, or who are in NYC and might not be able to participate in our panels. The questions can be answered by phone or by computer, so no need to travel or to dress up for the interview! Call the DO40 hotline at 212-330-7016 or email us at if you are interested.  N URGENT PLEA FROM BROADWAY CARES/EQUITY FIGHTS AIDS   

Current News

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A black tie event! DO40 president John Sefakis with the virtual DO40 gang
for Liza Minnelli’s 75th Birthday Soiree, slated for airing online starting March 12th!

DO40 was invited to participate in the taping of Liza's 75th Birthday, to be aired virtually on March 12 (and that weekend). In a quickly arranged DO40 member-only Zoom meeting, we gathered all the Liza dancers we could from our flock to personally say hello and shout a Happy Birthday to Liza. (Our members danced in Flora the Red Menace, Best Foot Forward, The Act, Chicago, Liza with a Z, Carnegie Hall and dozens of TV specials.) After they all sent their personal birthday wishes the group did as well: Francis J. Roach, Karyn Tomczak, Nancy Dalton Fowers, Phyllis Wallach Juried, Charles Kirsch, Edmund Gaynes, Cheryl Clark, Candy Brown, Michon Peacock, Kathryn Doby & Wolfgang Glattes, Stephanie Stabile, Francine Storey, Ken Bloom, Martha Warschau, Carol Estey, Lawrence Leritz, Patrick McCarthy, Judy Wong, Leni Anders, Richard Skipper, Meriam Bernabei, Virginia Seidel, James Dybas, DO40 president John Sefakis, Eileen Casey, Jan Augustine, Skip Schultz and Barbara Bernardo. Our YOUNGEST member's grandparents saw Liza in The Act and Liza with a Z! Charles Kirsch is 80 years younger than DO40 board member Richard Korthaze!!! (Pippin, Chicago, Dancin', Anything Goes and a slew of Bway shows from the 50's!).

Yes, our youngest member, Charles Kirsch just had his Bar Mitzvah! Check out his podcast, Backstage Babble, where he interviews some of our members and more!! The DO40 Zoom meeting was taped by one of the Liza producers, Matt Berman, and will be edited with all the other participants and stars to celebrate Liza on March 12th (including, of course, Liza’s co-star in The Rink, DO40 Advisory Board member Chita Rivera!) Now you may blink and miss us in the performance portion of the event – after all, there are “heavy hitters” featured in this soiree! But we are very proud to have been asked to participate nevertheless! Here's the link to the show. It will be repeated twice after the premiere!


Page One of our Zoom Meeting:  Leni Anders, DO40 president John Sefakis, Teak Lewis (out of frame!), Carolyn Kirsch, Charles Kirsch, Karyn Tomczak, Joanna Rush, Sasha Spielvogel, Robert Reader, Ken Bloom, Lawrence Leritz,
Tom McRoberts, Steph Marie, Robert Sacheli, Sharon Wendrow, Michon Peacock, Gail Benedict, Felicia
Velasco D’Amico, Penny Worth and Patrick McCarthy

What we thought would be a lively, and short Valentines Day membership meeting evolved into a 2 ½ hour lovefest and reunion, six degrees – and sometimes only one degree of separation members never knew existed!  The Star of the Evening?  Everyone!  We went “around the room” and asked the simple question, “Why?”  Some stories were familiar, some not, some funny, some deep and heartfelt.  Didn’t matter what discipline – or age!  We not only had a 20-something member, we had teen-something member in Backstage Babble’s Charles Kirsch!  Over 30 dancers participated, some Zooming for the first time.  And as always, still a few kinks to get out of the system (and nose close-ups!).  We interspersed the afternoon with clips from our beloved Advisory board member Bob Avian’s Legacy Awards acceptance speech, as well as numbers by Ann Reinking, Chita Rivera and of course, Gwen Verdon. 

Almost everyone spoke, with the exception of a few that we missed due to the size of the meeting, and they represented not just Broadway, but ballet, ballroom, tap, modern and jazz.  In attendance:  Board members Patrick McCarthy, Lawrence Leritz, Sasha Spielvogel and Sharon Wendrow as well as DO40 president John Sefakis, Michon Peacock, Gail Benedict, Leslie Burgin, Penny Worth, Robert Sacheli, Carolyn Kirsch,. Charles Kirsch (no relation!), Ken Bloom, Josh Ellis, Candy Brown, Joanna Ruth, Martha Warschau, Robert Reader, Steph Marie, Felicia Velasco D’Amico, Karyn Tomczak, Teak Lewis, Francine Storey, Leni Anders, Tom McRoberts, Sandy Nance, Cynthia Elane and Ellen Fluhr, as well as co-host Jason Alan Harris.  We did have a number of members who sent their regrets, as they were having a hot Valentines date with their partners!!!

DO40 member and PR maven Josh Ellis ended the evening with a heartfelt thank you all the dancers for doing what they do. And his Zoom wallpaper was the BEST:  Joe Allen’s restaurant!!  He mentioned it made him “crazy with joy to go through a stage door,” not just at the beginning of his career, “but every time afterwards.” To Josh it was a “magical world… God bless you all.”  Can’t top that….

Michon Peacock

Apologies to Sandy Nance, Tom McRoberts, Cynthia Elane, Mila Ilieff, Carol Roth Sullivan and Ellen Fluhr for not getting to you to speak.  You’ll be first up next time – which will be… April, 2021, right before our chock-full May events!  Stay tuned!  Tried get photos of everyone, but the computer is not our iPhone12's friend all the time; apologies to some of the speakers who didn't get their Zoom "headshot!"  It is so wonderful to have member representation from not just New York, but Kentucky, Colorado, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey – something our “live” yearly membership meetings in NYC could never accomplish!  Looks like we’ll even Zoom our “live” events once they get up and running in the hopefully-near-fully-vaccinated future!  The entire membership meeting will be on our website soon for members to view on the member-only video pages, along with photos – captured on the computer, of course, of our members who didn’t come up blurry or unflattering! 

Josh Ellis

All the best to everyone on the vaccination front.  Our DO40 Newsletter had NYC vaccine info and we’ll try to keep on top of that as rules change and phone numbers for appointments become more available (for our non-internet friendly members!) Right now, call 311 in NYC for an appointment or the Dept. of Health, 877-829-4692 - 24 hours a day to speak to a real person!

What they did for Love, continues….

DO40 prez John Sefakis and the DO40 Zoom gang!

Click to View the Photos from the Zoom Event

Click to View the Zoom Videos of this Meeting



The VERY "under 40" DO40 member Charles Kirsch has interviewed theater greats past and present on his podcast - singers, actors, dancers and many from our community. He asks incisive questions for such a whippersnapper! Past interviewees include Rita Gardner, Joel Grey, Charles Busch, Penny Fuller, Michael Rupert, Josh Bergasse, DO40 members and friends Eileen Casey, Mary Jane Houdina, Carolyn Kirsch, James Dybas, Ken Bloom, Josh Ellis, Anita Gillette, Lee Roy Reams and Sondra Lee. With more DO40 members to come!

And remember, go to our website, and click on Cast Us! Hire Us! to see where YOU SHOULD BE, so that we can continue to promote our members to organizations inside and outside of our community. Contact us at to be included!

Presented by Richard Skipper Celebrates and DO40
Monday, December 14th, 8pm

Computer photo of our 2020 DO40 Legacy Honorees, Dennis Birchall, Jeri Kansas
and Francis J. Roach. Photographed by DO40 president John Sefakis.

Well, looks like there's a silver lining to all the Zoom- and Streamyard-ing things happening these days.  Over 2,800! people (that’s thousands, right?) watched our 12th annual DO40 Legacy Awards online/virtual/streaming (whatever the kids are saying nowadays!), usually held at LIPS restaurant, with performances and uplifting speeches from our honorees and their friends.  From adversity comes innovation - and there is something to be said for the wonderful clips we used (and have in our repertoire!) and the close ups as our honorees spoke from the heart. We have received a number of new members from the evening, and orders for our new DO40 COVID masks!

Heartbreaking, however, was the news that one of Broadway's most beloved stars died on Saturday - Fosse muse Ann Reinking.  We were fortunate to work with Ann on the 40th Anniversary of Bob Fosse's DANCIN' in 2018. We published a short clip of Ann singing "Roxie" at the Therapy Bar After-party on our Facebook page.  To paraphrase an old Angela Lansbury movie, " there are no dancers anymore; facsimiles, that's all, just facsimiles..."  - compared to Ann – and Gwen – and Chita!

DO40 Advisory Board Member Director/Choreographer Larry Fuller,
speaking on behalf of Legacy Honoree Dennis Birchall

This year we honored DO40 members Dennis Birchall, Jeri Kansas and Francis J. Roach, dancers all, with careers that span Broadway, Radio City Music Hall and the legacy of jazz great (and DO40 member) Luigi. Speaking on behalf of our honorees were director/choreographer Larry Fuller, former Rockette Susan Arreola, and Gower Champion assistant and former DO40 board member Karin Baker (unfortunately, Christine Colby Jacques was unable to log in to our event to speak for Francis J. Roach).

Inside DO40 “Command Central,” at DO40 prez John Sefakis’ home.

The event was hosted by theater and nightclub entrepreneur and impresario Richard Skipper, and was our first FREE streamed live event on our DO40 facebook page, and Richard Skipper’ pages on facebook and youtube, www.facebook.comRichardSkipperCelebrates/ and There was also a tribute to Marge Champion and a fantastic hosting job by the indomitable Richard Skipper.  You can still WATCH the show (75 minutes) on the links above!

Host Richard Skipper (at his OWN Command Central!) and DO40 president John Sefakis.

We hope this will encourage new members, young members and new Friends of.. (not dancers) to join DO40 as card-carrying, dues-paying members.  AND, an added benefit! New members will receive our DO40 COVID-19 mask for free! Regular prices are: $15.00 for non-members, $10.00 for current members (plus $3.00 shipping).  Email us at to confirm you would like to order and then pay through our website using Paypal.   Sorry there was no official DO40 photographer at this event! We miss the staff at LIPS, our videographer Manny Santiago, photographer Jeff Eason and even our long-time coat check volunteer, Cha-Cha Lopez!  Next year, LIPS here we come!

More photos to be posted on our website shortly. They are posted on our DO40 Facebook page now!

Don’t forget! GREAT holiday gift!!!  Get them while they last!
Email us at to reserve your mask(s)!





Featured (in no particular order!): JoAnn Mariano, Patti Mariano, Leni Anders, Tom McRoberts, Jane Barbara, Ken Bloom, Charles Kirsch, Joshua Ellis, Francine Storey, Kathryn Doby, Jeri Kansas, Robert Sacheli, Candy Brown, Martha Warschaw, Christine Colby Jacques, Joy Serio Dunbar, John Gilvey, DO40 Prez John Sefakis along with DO40 board members Eileen Casey, Nancy Dalton Flowers, Sasha Spielvogel, Lawrence Leritz and Patrick McCarthy – and with Susan Sigrist (we think) on the phone!

Although not everyone was in complete costume (some more than others!), DO40’s first Halloween membership meeting was a hoot!  Honors for best costume went to 2019 Legacy Honoree Candy Brown, with a “chip” on her shoulder, that being the one chorus dancer in every new show who had one! Very clever!  Candy earned a free 2021 – 2020 membership! Costumes represented were ACL, Fiddler on the Roof, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Susan Stroman, 70’s disco, Luigi Jazz and a Cell Block Tango lady thrown in at the very last minute!

After honoring our dear friend and DO40 Advisory Board member Marge Champion (passing at the age of 101) with a short video from our 2008 Gower Champion event, we moved on to our main topic, Jack Cole and the huge David Merrick Flop, MATA HARI.  Cast members Francine Storey and board member Eileen Casey discussed Jack, the show, David Merrick – and even rats in the alley!  DO40 member Bill Reilly in Florida, also in the show, is not ZOOM-savvy, so he gave us a bunch of memories he had of the show, from colliding scenery to gun powder going off in the audience!  A Jack Cole video summary also featured many of Jack’s ensemble, including Gwen Verdon, George Martin, Julie Newmar, Mitzi Gaynor and an tribute by Alvin Ailey.

DO40 president John Sefakis, co-hosting with our ZOOM consultant Jason Alan Harris.

Then it was on to our youngest member of Dancers over 40…and FRIENDS, 13 year-old Charles Kirsch, who has his own podcast on Apple, Spotify and more called Backstage Babble.  He is interviewing DO40 members and has already spoken with Mary Jane Houdina, Eileen Casey, Anita Gillette, as well as old time members Lee Roy Reams and Sondra Lee.  Check out his podcast for other interviews with Charles Busch, Rita Gardener, Josh Bergasse and Joel Grey!  Thanks to our Cast Us! Hire Us! page on our DO40 website, Charles got to see the depth of our “talent!”  We still need more DO40 members to be engaged and enshrined on that page, so contact DO40 and send in a photo and brief bio summary ASAP!

DO40 President John Sefakis hosted, along with ZOOM co-host Jason Alan Harris, with a surprise guest and spur of the moment performance by Stella D’oro, the Queen Mum of Vaccine for Project Achieve/The New York Blood Center and Columbia University’s HIV Vaccine Trials Network – who opened for DO40’s CHICAGO reunion at our Alvin Ailey dance concert in 2012 reuniting the 1975 Cell Block Tango Ladies:  DO40 Advisory Board member Chita Rivera, DO40 Legacy Honorees Candy Brown, Cheryl Clark and Michon Peacock, as well as Candace Tovar and Joan Albright (substituting for DO40 Advisory board member Graciela Daniele and Pam Sousa). 

Stella D’oro, last seen at our 2012 DO40 Alvin Ailey dance concert/CHICAGO reunion event!

Our next event will be held in December – our annual DO40 Legacy Awards.  However, due to the pandemic, we are unsure if we can secure a venue, if even only for a small dinner to honor our three recipients, Dennis Birchall, Jeri Kansas and Francis J. Roach.  We would ZOOM that event to members and friends.  TBD and TBA for now!

Members who participated included JoAnn Mariano, Patti Mariano, Leni Anders, Tom McRoberts, Jane Barbara, Ken Bloom, Charles Kirsch, Joshua Ellis, Francine Storey, Kathryn Doby, Jeri Kansas, Robert Sacheli, Candy Brown, Martha Warschaw, Christine Colby Jacques, Joy Serio Dunbar, John Gilvey, DO40 Prez John Sefakis along with DO40 board members Eileen Casey, Nancy Dalton Flowers, Sasha Spielvogel and Patrick McCarthy – and with Susan Sigrist (we think) on the phone!

Remembering DO40 Advisory Board Member Marge Champion

The DO40 Halloween Meeting will be posted on the member-only page of our website shortly for ALL of our members to view (our August 25th meeting is up and running as well)! Of course, since we ARE over 40, it took about 20 minutes for some members to get their video to work and NOT focus on their noses or apartment ceilings!  Technology called, and we didn’t pick up our landline!

A video clip from our 2008 Jack Cole event at Symphony Space

The Holidays are upon us! And what better a gift to your loved ones than a membership to Dancers over 40…and Friends!  Remember, you don’t need to be a dancer, or over 40 to join (just ask 13 year-old new member Charles Kirsch)! Just visit and click on the JOIN/RENEW/DONATE button (you can donate any time, of course!) – and let us know if you’d like to give a gift of community to someone you love!

Armchair version of Cell Block Tango by Stella D’oro!  Zooming can’t do everything! LOLOL

Members Only! If you missed the meeting check it out here.

SEPTEMBER 1, 2020 – AUGUST 31, 2021 SEASON!

Dear Dancers over 40 Members and Friends,

The Board of Directors of Dancers Over 40 hope you all are well and safe. It’s time to join/renew for the 2020 – 2021 Season.  This is an unprecedented year, and an extremely difficult beginning to our membership renewal efforts.  We understand that this pandemic affects everyone, and repercussions from COVID-19 are not just medical.  Our members are the most vulnerable population in this pandemic. For many, self-isolation is a way of life. 

Please click on our JOIN/DONATE/RENEW menu as soon as possible and do any of those three things by using Paypal or sending in a check and downloading the membership form.  We have a Legacy and a History.  We sincerely hope you can help us continue telling our stories as we pass the torch to the next generation.  Please contact us with any ideas, leads, suggestions or references you may be able to provide to help us financially through this rough time.

Tuesday, August 25th, 7pm

DO40 President John Sefakis, along with ZOOM host Jason Harris,
take the helm of this huge membership meeting!  Took a few pages of our desktop to see everyone!

DO40’s first ZOOM national membership meeting Tuesday night, August 25th was phenomenal! There were over 50 members from all over the US of A – CA, CO, WI, KY, KS, MD, NC, DC, MA, RI and NY (and one from the UK at our “rehearsal” meeting August 22nd!), a few technical screw ups, but hey, we're dancers over you-know-what, and this technology is new to us! We did not know what to expect!  This from Patch Schwadron, of The Actors Fund who gave us a power point presentation: “The warmth of those gathered was so evident. I hope (everyone) will continue to develop appreciation of how they can stay connected virtually from wherever they may be.”

Besides The Actors Fund’s Schwadron,  Actors Equity, Equity League and SAG/AFTRA spoke about benefits, pensions and COVID-19 issues (Jennifer Swiderski, Vincent Cinelli and DO40 member and SAG/AFTRA LA delegate Anthony Marciona).  DO40 members and authors Kevin Winkler, John Gilvey and Ken Bloom, talked about their prospective and respective works on Bob Fosse, Gwen Verdon and Tommy Tune. Also, a trip down memory lane with Sue Samuels and JoJo's Dance Factory, (which may become a DO40 Zoom event on it’s own!) and a mini-reunion of cast members from 42nd Street featuring super cast members Lee Roy Reams, 2020 DO40 Legacy Award honoree Jeri Kansas and Cathy Jones Wolf, celebrating the 40th anniversary of their Broadway opening. We are also in talks to produce the 20th anniversary ZOOM of CONTACT and a reunion of the Broadway and movie casts of THE WIZ!  All that while still figuring out how to produce our 2020 DO40 Legacy Awards (contingent on NYC COVID-19 rules and regulations).

A clip from DO40 2014 Legacy Award honoree Carolyn Kirsch’s talk at our 2007 (!!!!)
Women of Fosse event (also pictured, Jeannie Jones Snow, Dana Moore, Harvey Evans and Marge Beddow)

Besides the “live” event, we showed clips our previous panels and performances, featuring the opening Wilkkomen number from Cabaret by our members, DO40 member Carolyn Kirsch speaking on the importance of theater and dance education from our Women of Fosse event, our 42nd Street “reunion”/closing number from our David Merrick event and the Dancin’ Man number recreated by 2019 DO40 Legacy Award honoree Kathryn Doby from our 40th Anniversary of Bob Fosse’s DANCIN’ event!

We went a teensy bit long -  2 1/2 hours – as our ZOOM host, Jason Harris, allowed each of our members to take “center stage,” say hello and mention their community affiliation. It was SO long, 2019 DO40 Legacy Award honoree Candy Brown had to take her dog out for a walk, and stayed on line – looking like a bee keeper in her COVID protective gear!  We thought we were getting ZOOM-bombed (yes, that’s a thing now!).  

DO40 will continue its mission to promote a community of support for mature artists and pay it forward to the next generation in any way, shape or form we need it to be to get through these troubling times. Your support through membership dues and donations is crucial to our survival, however.    The video of the meeting will be available on our website (for DO40 members only!) soon!  

She’s STILL eager to give “notes” on this 2017 performance of
the 40th Anniversary of Bob Fosse’s DANCIN’! 
(Fosse assistant and DO40 2019 Legacy Award honoree Kathryn Doby)

Attendees: Leni Anders, Gail Benedict, Barbara Bernardo, Ken Bloom, Candy Brown, Leslie Burgin, Eileen Casey, Lori Tan Chinn, Vincent Cinelli, Christine Colby, Kathryn Doby, James Dybas, Josh Ellis, Ellen Fluhr, Darlene Wendy Frank, John Gilvey, Jason Harris, Lynda Harris, Cathy Jones Wolf, David James, Jeri Kansas, Teddy Kern, Carolyn Kirsch, Lawrence Leritz, Anthony Marciona, Patrick McCarthy, Susan McCollum, Thomas McRoberts, Sandy Nance, Kristine Nevins, Diane Nicole, Michon Peacock, Lee Roy Reams, Francis J. Roach, Larry Ross, Joanna Rush, Robert Sacheli, Sue Samuels, Patch Schwadron, John Sefakis, Kathy Seng Gurland, Sasha Spielvogel, Stephanie Stabile, Mary Jane Stevens, Francine Storey, Jennifer Swiderski, Reed Waller, Martha Warschau, Sharon Wendrow, Kevin Winkler and Judy Wong.

Watching our DO40 members perform the Wilkkomen number from Cabaret in front of a the
TONY Awards performance they did back in 1968!

Page Two of our ZOOM meeting members (some hidden, some twice, for some reason!)

The 42nd Street “Gang” from our 2019 David Merrick event!



Dear Friends, Fans and Members of Dancers over 40,

We hope you are doing well and taking the precautions needed during this pandemic.  Like all organizations, DO40 has been hit with tremendous losses in revenue and grant money due to COVID-19.

In order to continue to provide our members – and supporters - the benefits we do, we must use all areas of fundraising expertise that we can.  We’ve identified a simple way to help DO40 at no cost to you.

Many members are already using Amazon as a main provider of an assortment of goods.  Please consider clicking on  before making your purchases on Amazon and chose Dancers over 40 as your non-profit charity.  Then, just shop as you regularly do and Amazon donates a portion of the sales to DO40!

How to support DO40 on Amazon Smile, is as simple as 5, 6, 7, 8!

5. Go to

6. Continue to your regular Amazon account

7. Select the option for a Charity

8. Select Dancers Over 40!!

Amazon will send DO40 a percentage of your purchased items. THERE IS NO EXTRA COST.

This is a particularly difficult time for everyone, especially for our members and friends who are personally affected by COVID-19.  As an organization whose mission is to create a community of support for mature dancers, choreographers and related artists, it is difficult not to operate on a social level – hard to meet and greet our peers and reminisce in person at this moment in time.  As you all know, we had to cancel our Spring 2020 events, and now must revamp our Fall season and plan a Spring 2021 season while acknowledging that this pandemic knows no boundaries, no timeframe, and no compassion.  While complying with NY State protocols, DO40 hopes to continue its mission and will strive for the best possible solution to meeting our organization’s goals. 

We canceled our Spring 45th Reunion of the cast of the WIZ and also our upcoming Fall event, The Dancers of Jerry Herman.  We will be working very hard to see if it is possible to produce our DO40 Legacy Awards this December.  We have done yeoman’s work, providing so much material for the next generation and donating all that we do to the Jerome Robbins Dance Collection at the Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts. 

We are all in this together, as a community, and proud of all of our accomplishments throughout the years.  We hope to continue as an organization as long as we can, with your help and cooperation.

Thank you for your support over the years.  We know this situation seems insurmountable at times, but many of us have survived wars, plagues, epidemics – and even flop shows!  Everybody RISE!

FEBRUARY 25, 2020

L to R: Sasha Spielvogel, Patrick McCarthy, Judith Wong, DO40 president John Sefakis, Kathryn Buffaloe Harris,
Sharon Wendrow and Lora Martens

Everyone who came got their 15 minutes of fame (sort of!) with DO40 member and photographer Cynthia Elane at Shetler Studios Tuesday night. Special thanks to Cynthia for donating her energy - and equipment - to not only shoot headshots for our members, but promote our Cast Us! Hire Us! project, spearheaded by DO40 board member Katharine Buffaloe Harris. More about this exciting project in the next few months! Our website has a dropdown menu with information on how we plan to assist our members and engage organizations and casting directors to, well, Cast Us! Hire Us!  Thanks to board members Sasha Spielvogel, Patrick McCarthy, Katharine Buffaloe Harris and Sharon Wendrow for all their assistance!

DO40 member and photographer Cynthia Elane shooting DO40 board member Sasha Spielvogel’s head shot.

Selfie with as many of us who could fit in by the end of the evening!
L to R: Sharon Wendrow, Sasha Spielvogel, DO40 president John Sefakis, Patrick McCarthy,
photographer Cynthia Elane, Katharine Buffaloe Harris, Judith Wong and Lora Martens

The always debonair and dapper DO40 board member Patrick McCarthy

The ever-youthful Judith Wong


JOIN OUR NEW: Cast Us! Hire Us! page!

Cast Us! Hire Us !
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Please submit your Portrait Headshot and a One Page Bio, with your professional LINKS included to

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This NEW “Cast Us! Hire Us!”  page  is a combination of our previous
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KEEP CURRENT with potential Casting Directors for upcoming projects;
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ALL THIS in an effort to KEEP YOU ACTIVE
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We will be reaching out to connect our Members with Theatre programs that visit NYC! We will help reach out in your area if you are NOT located in the Tri-State area! We will help reach out to your alma maters, former dance and theatre venues that might like to “reconnect” with YOU!

Please Submit Your Pics & Bios & Links Today!

DO40 continues its ARTSLegacy series honoring all of our members. These written transcripts will also be donated to the Jerome Robbins Dance Collection at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, and eventually into a compilation suitable for publishing. In this issue we present DO40 members Cynthia Elane and Jon Spano. Our ARTSLegacy Biographies are an added benefit for people who do not live in the tri-state area, or who are in NYC and might not be able to participate in our panels. The questions can be answered by phone or by computer, so no need to travel or to dress up for the interview! Call the DO40 hotline at 212-330-7016 or email us at if you are interested.  


Click here for information and stories on DO40 members who have recently passed away.

Background photo from the Original West Side Story cast ready to rumble!” Photo courtesy of Photofest