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Legacy Honorees (L to R) Lawrence Leritz, Lori Tan Chinn, Virgina Seidel, Larry Ross and Sharon Wendrow


The Legacy Table (L to R Larry Ross, Sharon Wendrow, Lori Tan Chinn, Virginia Seidel and Lawrence Leritz


Quite a night for our honorees - and DO40 - at LIPS Restaurant last night A packed house of friends and family honoring Lori Tan Chinn, Lawrence Leritz, Larry Ross, Virginia Seidel and Sharon Wendrow. Speakers included Mary Alice, Jerry Mitchell, Host Jim Brochu, Joan Cohen and Mimi Turque. This was our tenth annual Legacy Awards, happening during our 25th Anniversary season! Quite humbling numbers for our small non-profit! Many wonderful DO40 members and supporters in the audience, including Producer Ed Gaynes, Mercedes Ellington, Baayork Lee, Lada Edmund, Karin Baker and husband Greg, Lora Martens, Kristine Nevins, Joy Serio Dunbar, Darlene Larson, Joanne and Patti Mariano, James Dybas, Teddy Kern, Robert Alexander, Carol Eiger, Sandy Nance and more!

Before the start of the ceremonies at LIPS Restaurant

Wonderful support during the evening from DO40 board members Eileen Casey, Sasha Spielvogel, Katharine Buffaloe-Harris (a saint at the door!) and Richard Korthaze, along with volunteers Ava Paul and Jeremy Hernandez. And of course a huge shout out to our fabulous host, Jim Brochu, who knew our audience well, and had them in stitches, and Marti Gould Cummings, who supplied the talent for the evening. As always, photographer Jeff Eason and videographer Manny Santiago were on hand to document the evening (which we always donate to the Jerome Robbins Dance Collection at the Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts).

Speaker for Larry Ross, Ms. Mimi Turque at the podium at LIPS Restaurant

A lot of "new people" in attendance, some of whom had never heard of DO40 (go figure!). Well now they do! And many were eager to join DO40 as card-carrying, dues-paying members!

Lori Tan Chinn accepting her Legacy Award, with DO40 president John Sefakis

Best Joke of the Night from Host Jim Brochu: At Heaven's Gate, Saint Peter asks a new arrival "How much money do you make a year?" The man answers '100,000.00.' "Ah," Saint Peter says, "a doctor!" The next person comes forward and St. Pete asks the same question, "How much do you make a year?" and the person answers '250,000.00.' "Ah! A Lawyer!" The next person arrives and is asked the same question to which the reply is "25,000.00." St. Peter asks "Have I seen you in anything?" Our History, Our Legacy, Our Lives!!

DO40 president John Sefakis with DO40 Advisory Board member director/choreographer Jerry Mitchell, who spoke for Legacy Honoree Lawrence Leritz

HUNDREDS of pictures will be posted in a Photo Gallery on our website,, and, for those who are members, a video of the event on our member only page of the website.  It pays to be a card-carrying, dues paying member of DO40!

DO40 Board Member Larry Ross accepting his Legacy Award

Virginia Seidel accepts her Legacy Award

Sharon Wendrow accepts her Legacy Award

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Over 30 DO40 members, students and dancers of all ages and ethnicities joined in a
loving tribute to our community, while honoring DO40 members John Mineo,
Christopher Nelson, George Marcy and Gemze de Lappe

A great night of song and dance Monday, October 15th at St. Luke’s Theater in NYC, with not only DO40 members, but also DO40 choreographers, working with their dancers and young students to pay it forward to the next generation.  A totally diverse group of creative artists, from all over the U.S., flying in from OK, IL, FL, CA and even Poughkeepsie, NY!  Truly a working and loving testament to preserving our History, Legacy and Lives. We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary Season and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and also honored four of our members who recently died, founders John Mineo and first president Christopher Nelson, as well as board member George Marcy and long-time member and Agnes de Mille assistant Gemze de Lappe.

Bosom Buddies DO40 members Penny Worth and Carolyn Kirsch

Host Loni Ackerman and DO40 members Carolyn Kirsch and Penny Worth spoke about John Mineo, choreographer Lawrence Leritz about intersection of his life with Gemze de Lappe, choreographer and DO40 board member on choreographing George Marcy's last performance in 2015, a written note from DO40 advisory board member Chita Rivera and a surprise appearance and heartfelt reminiscences of "Georgie Porgie" by advisory board member Carol Lawrence. Loni Ackerman dedicated her last number, I'm Still Here, to Christopher Nelson, who performed in the original Broadway company of FOLLIES. The cast then came on to sing "We're Still Here" for the curtain call.

Gotta Get a Gimmick with DO40 members Eileen Casey, Roseanna Mineo and Nancy Dalton Flowers

A smorgasbord of talent and styles, from tap, jazz, modern, ballet, comedy and song, it was an evening of something for everyone! Broadway numbers from MAME, I AM WHAT I AM, ANYTHING GOES, GYPSY AND LA CAGE AUX FOLLES performed by Penny Worth, Carolyn Kirsch, Mary Jane Houdina, Nancy Dalton Flowers, Eileen Casey, Roseanna Mineo and Lawrence Merritt – modern dance choreographed by DO40 board member Sasha Spielvogel in TABOO, ballet choreography by DO40 member Lawrence Leritz with ALONE, comedy courtesy of Claire Porter and more! Tons of DO40ers in the audience as well as supporters and potential new members!

DO40 member Gary Flannery and his students in an homage to Bob Fosse

Special thanks to St. Luke's producer Ed Gaynes for the use of the hall - now in our 10th year at this venue! Kudos to our advisory board, dance committee and volunteers, especially, Joy Serio Dunbar, Patrick McCarthy, Katharine Buffaloe-Harris, Nancy Dalton, Eileen Casey, accompanist Steve Webber, SM Robert Levenstein and all the DO40 volunteers front and back of the house. We cannot do this without the support of members, donors and you!

DO40 Advisory Board member Carol Lawrence reminiscing about her dear friend and
former DO40 board member George Marcy, with DO40 president John Sefakis

As you know, we donate video and hard copy of all of our events to the Jerome Robbins Collection at the Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts, to preserve our History, Legacy and Lives. Please join us if you can by going to and clicking on the JOIN/DONATE button. As DO40 Advisory Board member Chita Rivera says, "We Simply Cannot Do It Alone!"

DO40 member and choreographer Christopher Anderson and his dancers performing “Heatwave”

In the audience with DO40 president John Sefakis with Lisa Biagini,
DO40 choreographer Sue Samuels and long-time DO40 member John Bate

DO40 members Mary Jane Houdina (performing Anything Goes) with former DO40 board member Karin Baker

Before dress rehearsal with DO40 choreographer Lawrence Leritz
and his dancers Chad Sapp, Abigail Mentzer and Laura Kaufman


Left to Right Back: Sasha Spielvogel, Larry Ross, Patrick McCarthy Tom McRoberts, Susan Sigrist;
Front, Lawrence Merritt, John Sefakis, Karin Baker, Lawrence Leritz, Joy Serio Dunbar, Sharon Wendrow and a whole lot of BC/EFA volunteers! )

We were all stunned when the totals were tallied! Who would have thought 2 for 1.00 Playbills (and more!) 3.00 sheet music 2.00 books and CDs, Sippy Cups and our posters from our DANCIN' and WEST SIDE STORY events would bring in so much revenue! In our 12 years in participating in the BC/EFA Flea Market we have never broken the $4000 barrier! This is a testament to volunteerism at its best, across generations, membership and friends, lots of preparation and dedication by all who donated, worked the tables and attended the event. Special Thanks to Broadway Cares/EFA for helping us with the pick-up of our goods, and giving us volunteers throughout the day to man our Playbill tables.

Lawrence Leritz and Karin Baker man the front tables, as Joy Serio Dunbar hawks our signed cast posters!!

And our volunteers! It took four days of organizing all the materials, weeks of donations from members and non-members and a full 9 - 7 day of enthusiasm and energy to pull this off! Here we go! Donations: Marti Hespen, Kathryn Doby (UPS from Los Angeles!), Harvey Evans, Lori Tan Chinn, Virginia Seidel and people we didn't even know leaving off materials in our lobby! Preparation: Ellen Fluhr, Leni Anders, Karin Baker Kayne, Virginia Seidel, Ken Bloom, board members Patrick McCarthy, Nancy Dalton, Eileen Casey and Katharine Buffaloe-Harris. Volunteers at the event: Ken Bloom, Larry Ross, Joy Serio Dunbar, Lawrence Leritz, Bobby-Hedglin Taylor and husband David Andrew Taylor, Lawrence Merritt, Sasha Spielvogel Patti Mariano and sister Toots Mariano, Susan Sigrist, Virginia Seidel and a rotating bunch of next-gen-ers from BC/EFA!

DO40 members and Legacy Honorees all! -- Lawrence Leritz, Harvey Evans and Sharon Wendrow

Apologies if we left anyone out - it's late and we're pooped! DO40 is here to pay it forward to the next generation while creating a community of support for mature dancers and creative artists. And that also means supporting OUR supporters, like Broadway Cares/EFA, The Actors Fund, Actors Equity, SDC, the Equity Foundation - people and organizations who share our vision of a better place for all of us to work, live, share and love. Peace out! (As we all used to say, back in the day!)

DO40 member Virginia Seidel

We see a movie in the making with this end-of-day photo with DO40 member and Legacy Honoree Virginia Seidel! Unsold items packed up and ready to go back into storage after 10 grueling – yet exhilarating (did we say that already?) hours! A real trouper to stay to the end to guard our valuables! She was so tired she didn’t even realize we to




What a fab group assembled Sept 17th to hear about DO40's 25th anniversary season, take a little stretch class and hear from casting guru Carol Hanzel about the state of "the biz!" Equity and SAG members from 1959 to the present! Umpteen Broadway shows between them all! Special thanks to DO40 member and LASTICS © teacher Donna Flagg and Carol Hanzel for their support and sharing their knowledge.

(Almost everyone!) At our NYC DO40 Membership Meeting - Back: Martha B. Warschau, Marlene Thorn Taber (Marty Clarke), Roseanna Mineo, Dancy Dalton Flowers, Patrick McCarthy, Sharon Wendrow, Lawrence Leritz, Carol Hanzel, Donna Flagg, Diane Nicole, Joy Serio Dunbar; Front: Joyce Nolen, Lawrence Merritt, Leni Anders, Sandy Nance; Not pictured, Darlene Larson, Eileen Casey, DO40 Prez John Sefakis
Lastics © class taught by DO40 member Donna Flagg

And Carol Hanzel, always there for us to dispense the latest in casting information for us! Members had questions of how to submit, where to submit and whether you even need an agent in these internet-y times!

Casting Guru Carol Hanzel addresses the troop’s questions!

DO40 continues its ARTSLegacy series honoring all of our members. These written transcripts will also be donated to the Jerome Robbins Dance Collection at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, and eventually into a compilation suitable for publishing.  In this issue we present DO40 member Kevin Winkler (and author of BIG DEAL: Bob Fosse and Dance in the American Musical) and our first-ever overseas member, David James! (We are getting around!)  ARTSLegacy is an added benefit for people who do not live in the tri-state area, or who are in NYC and might not be able to participate in our panels.   The questions can be answered by phone or by computer, so no need to travel or to dress up for the interview!  Call the DO40 hotline at 212-330-7016 or email us at if you are interested! 


Click here for information and stories on DO40 members who have recently passed away.

Background photo from the Original West Side Story cast ready to rumble!” Photo courtesy of Photofest