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Bebe Neuwirth will present Ann Reinking
with the LaDuca Lifetime Achievement in Dance Award
Sponsored by LaDuca Shoes, with Phil LaDuca


With Ann Reinking, Wayne Cilento, Sandahl Bergman, Jill Cook, Gail Benedict,
Richard Korthaze, Christine Colby and William Whitener, and
replacements Eileen Casey, Lloyd Culbreath Clif DeRaita, James Horvath,
Michael Kubala, Valerie-Jean Miller
and Fosse assistant Kathryn Doby

Monday, March 26th at 7pm • St. Luke’s Theater, 308 West 46th Street, NYC

Tony Award-winning actress BEBE NEUWIRTH will host the 40th Anniversary and reunion of the original cast of Bob Fosse’s DANCIN on March 26th at 7 PM at St. Luke's Theatre, 308 West 46th Street, NYC.  The evening will feature members of the original Broadway cast as well as others that joined the show during the run.  Ms. Neuwirth appeared in DANCIN' during the final four months of the Broadway engagement. 

Ann Reinking will also be presented with the LaDuca Lifetime Achievement in Dance by Bebe Neuwirth and Phil LaDuca. The LaDuca Award, created in 2012 by theatrical shoe designer Phil LaDuca, honors 'the greats of dance.'

In addition to Bebe Neuwirth, original cast members who will appear include (in alphabetical order): Gail Benedict, Sandahl Bergman, Wayne Cilento, Christine Colby, Jill Cook, Rickard Korthaze, Ann Reinking, William Whitener and Fosse DANCIN’ assistant and long time DO40 member, Kathryn Doby.  (Nicole Fosse will also be at the celebration.) There will be two panels, the reunion with original cast members, moderated by author, theater historian and now documentary filmmaker Ken Bloom (BROADWAY MUSICALS: The 101 Greatest Shows of all Time and the upcoming documentary on Gwen Verdon) and a panel hosted by DO40 member and author of the new book on Bob Fosse, Kevin Winkler, and include DANCIN' cast replacements including Eileen Casey, Lloyd Culbreath, Clif de Raita, James Horvath, Michael Kubala and Valerie Miller. DANCIN’ cast members we have lost, including DO40 founding member John Mineo, as well as Rene Ceballos, Chris Chadman, Ed Love and Charles Ward, will be acknowledged.

Tickets for Dancers Over 40 Members are $25.00 with 2017/18 discount code/membership card are available via TeleCharge at 212-947-8844 or  Tickets for non-members are $50.00 with Premium seats available at $75.00. (Premium tickets also include admission to the after party at Therapy Bar, hosted by Marti Gould Cummings.) Non-members call  TeleCharge at 212-239-6200 or go to  The St. Luke’s Box Office, 308 West 46th Street, is open 7 days a week, 2-6pm.

Dancers Over 40 honors our own, at the 9th Annual

Visit the 2017 Legacy Awards Page for Photos and Video of this Wonderful Event!

Leni Anders Mary Jane Houdina Ron Young Pat and Bert Michaels



Carol Lawrence, Ronnie Lee, Jaime Sanchez, Chita Rivera, Tony Mordente

Whatta night!! Phew! SRO and more! The biggest audience we have ever had. Although it is a good thing, we wish EVERY DO40 event could be as successful. We're here every day, every week, every month for 23 years to promote the History, Legacy and Lives of our mature dance and theater communities - and pay it forward to the next generation (many included here!). And we'd like you all to come along with us! Please join us as as card-carrying, dues-paying members, so that we can continue to bring you events like this one.

Almost exactly 60 years to the day West Side Story opened on Broadway, DO40 presents a panel with video and performance to honor this incredible breakthrough musical.

Original West Side Story cast ready to rumble!” Photo courtesy of Photofest

DO40 Advisory Board Member Chita Rivera leads the original West Side Story Ladies in ‘America’” Photo courtesy of Photofest

Sixty years ago this month West Side Storyopened on Broadway to become one of the best-loved musicals of all time. To celebrate this historic event, Dancers Over 40 will assemble a spectacular “once-in-a-lifetime” panel of original cast members nearly to the day of their 1957 debut. Cool! The 60th Anniversary and Reunion Event will be hosted by Matt Rodin and also feature live performances by Drama Desk winner Jay Armstrong Johnson (On the Town, Sweeney Todd, PBS) as well as surprise guests, video and plenty of photos on display.

Chita Rivera and George Marcy Carol Lawrence and Larry Kert

Click to see more information and photos of this exciting event!


DO40 Raises over 2600.00 at the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Flea Market Sunday, September 24, 2017

L to R back row: Sharon Wendrow, Pat Michaels, Patrick McCarthy, L to R front row, Karin Baker, Bert Michaels, DO40 Prez John Sefakis, Lawrence Leritz, L to R front and center Nancy Dalton Flowers and Joy Serio Dunbar)

Well, one year it’s cold, next year it’s hot, with sun and wind always there to make a brutal first four hours for our volunteers at our 11th year participating in the BC/EFA Flea Market.  This year, it was over 90 degrees for most of the day, so we were hydrating regularly!  DO40 raised over 2600.00 mainly on 2 for a dollar Playbills and scripts, books, sheet music, posters, show jackets and the ever popular bin “SUTTON FOSTER (did not wear these) CLOTHES!”  And the next most popular, “DONNA McKECHNIE (did not wear these) SHOES!”

Our most popular bins – after the 2 for a dollar Playbills!

So many volunteers to thank, who provided hours of coverage for us when the hordes descended much earlier than the 10am start time!  Folks were grabbing playbills and sheet music at 9:15 am while we were trying to secure our tablecloths and DO40 sign!  Special thanks to DO40 board member, super-trouper and birthday boy Patrick McCarthy, who spent his entire day with us, from load-in to load-out!  Also to DO40ers Sharon Wendrow and Joy Serio Dunbar who helped organize all the donated material into boxes for delivery and sale (Virginia Seidel and DO40 board member Richard Korthaze also donated their time – and alphabetization skills for our six boxes of ever-popular Playbills. 

L to R: Pat Michaels, “cool” Bert Michaels, Nancy Dalton Flowers, John Sefakis, Patrick McCarthy, Tony Sheldon, Lori Tan Chinn, Lawrence Leritz and Sharon Wendrow, almost all with “Jazz Hands!”

On the street with us, bosses of the front table, that dynamic duo, Karin Baker-Kayne and master CD hawker Greg Kayne, along with Joy, Sharon, DO40 members Lawrence Leritz, DO40 board member Lawrence Merritt, DO40 soon-to-be-Legacy Honorees Pat and Bert Michaels (who danced in the West Side Story film), Stars of Stage and Screen, DO40ers Tony Sheldon (Priscilla, Queen of the Desert) and Lori Tan Chin (Jerry Mitchell’s Gotta Dance and Netflick’s Orange is the New Black), the flying Mariano sisters, Patti and JoAnn, and DO40 board member Nancy Dalton Flowers.  And we needed every one of ‘em!  BC/EFA also provided six volunteers during the day to man the Playbills table, since it is extremely popular and always well visited. 

DO40 board member and birthday boy Patrick McCarthy oversees the tables at lunch time.

If we ONLY had ONE DOLLAR for every person who took a picture of our SUTTON FOSTER box, we could have topped $10,000.00!  The box drew tons of visitors, and many takers for the variety of surprises in the box!  DO40ers Felicia Velasco D’amico stopped by with daughter Felicia, who is currently in On Your Feet, and they donated books, t-shirts and Capezio items later in the afternoon.  42nd Street alum and DO40 member Jeri Kansas stopped by, as did Claire Deming, West Coast member Barbara Bernardo, in to take classes AND of course, attend our West Side Story event on Sept. 27th!  It just doesn’t stop for DO40 this month!  We plan to hibernate for the months of October and November and return for our 9th Annual DO40 Legacy Awards at LIPS Restaurant on December 11th!

More pictures here.


DO40’S Dying Swan Class Taught By
Les Ballets Trockadero De Monte Carlo Alum
Roy Fialkow Sunday September 17, 2017

Les Ballets de Monte Carlo alum Roy Fialkow (1979)  taught The Dying Swan to a bunch of determined DO40 members Sunday night at our annual Membership Meeting. What a hoot! 92 year old Norma Doggett-Bezwick (Magdalena, 1947, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, 1954), Darlene Larson, former Ziegfeld girl, former Radio City Music Hall Corps de Ballet member Sharon Wendrow, DO40 Legacy Honorees Leni Anders, Joy Serio Dunbar and Eileen Casey (who had to leave early to see Prince of Broadway) were there for the festivities! This starts off DO40's 10 days of madness! Next up the BC/EFA Flea Market next Sunday, Sept. 24th and then the West Side Story Anniversary and Reunion event at St. Luke's Theater Sept. 27th!  The Trocks are now teaching The Dying Swan everywhere, especially where there is minimal activity like this going on, like SAGE and the Ali Forney Center, two LGBTQ organizations that are there to protect and ensure quality of life for their community.  Thanks to Roy Fialkow and Liz Harler (who set this up) for doing this!

L to R:  DO40 board member Patrick McCarthy, New DO40 Legacy Honoree Leni Anders, Legacy Honoree Norma Doggett-Bezwick, Darlene Larson, Sharon Wendrow.  On the floor, DO40 Legacy Honoree Joy Serio Dunbar and Trock alum and teacher Roy Fialkow

L to R:  Sharon Wendrow, Roy Fialkow, DO40 board members Patrick McCarthy and Eileen Casey, New DO40 Legacy Honoree Leni Anders, Legacy Honoree Norma Doggett-Bezwick and Darlene Larson

Barre work first, of course!

L to R:  Roy Fialkdow, Sharon Wendrow, DO40 Prez John Sefakis, Norma Doggett-Bezwick, Leni Anders, Darlene Larson

Getting Tipsy with the Trocks!  L to R, Patrick McCarthy, John Sefakis, Darlene Larson and Roy Fialkow


DO40 Legacy Award Honoree Gene Gavin never got to accept his award in December, 2015. He died unexpectedly from a fall in his apartment in October. But his three nephews came to accept the award, and were thrilled by the love and warmth shared by the audience to them – and of course, to Gene. Well, it looks like Gene WILL have the last word! Gene, a contributing writer to our Newsletter, kept a diary! And nephew Richard Tuttle found it – and it has been published by Glendale Press and available now on! (Go to Amazon Smile to buy the book, however, and a portion will be donated to DO40!) ! A portion of Gene’s book about Jerome Robbins was read at our West Side Story event September 27th by his nephew, Richard Tuttle.

Gene danced in the original West Side Story, Shinbone Alley, Sail Away, Skyscraper, Litte Me, How to Succeed, Walking Happy, Bravo Giovanni and Ballets USA. He toured Europe and Japan with the New York City Ballet as well.

Richard Tuttle writes in the forward, “Gene Gavin, my uncle, wasn’t a star with his name in lights on the Great White Way but he was a star to me, and I thank him for giving me his memories.”


We are currently planning to provide another Casting Seminar for our members in February at Shetler Studios, and a social/mixer in March, featuring a get together of generations of gypsies, at Therapy Bar’s Broadway Mondays, hosted by Marti Gould Cummings.  Today’s singers/dancers/actors are interviewed and Marti has graciously asked us to provide a generational counterpart to the evening!  These are both free events.  More information on our Spring season in a few months!  Marti’s previous guests included Baayork Lee, Adam Pascal, Alice Ripley and Michael Cerveris, as well as a gaggle of gypsies!


Our own 2014 Legacy Award Winner, Carolyn Kirsch has garnered yet more awards, this time for the production of her first play The Waltz. She received the "Recognition of Playwriting Excellence" along with Best Actress, for her work which is based on the life and artistic times of Camille Claudel, the 19th Century French Sculptress. Produced by The Lake Winnipesaukee Playhouse, Meredith, New Hampshire, the theatre earned 6 awards for the play including Best Production, Director, Supporting Actress, Costumes, Lighting, and Sound. Carolyn says that the whole night "was a wild, beautiful ride." And her Legacy Award stands proudly in the midst of these awards as a reminder that no matter what achievements may come your way, once a dancer always a dancer!

DO40 Arts Legacy Interview

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Background photo from the Original West Side Story cast ready to rumble!” Photo courtesy of Photofest