DO40 2014 Flea Market

DO40 board members James Dybas & Bethany Christine Elkin,
with DO40 member Penny Worth, DO40 Prez John Sefakis and
DO40 Sales & Marketing Director Lawrence Leritz.

As usual, an exhausting 12 hour day for DO40, with members taking four hour shifts to man the (FIVE!) tables this year.  Last year's total of $2,000.00 was shattered, thanks to the donations of our many members: Joe Ahumada, Margaret Shuette, Felicia D'Amico Velasco, Sharon Wendrow, James Dybas, Sutton Foster (if you were there, you'd get it...!!), Paul Berne, Penny Worth, Chuck Kelley, Teddy Kern, Luna Borromeo, Marti Hespen, Patti Mariano, Skip Randall, Virginia Seidel, Andrew Wentink - and volunteers on the front lines Sharon Wendrow, Patrick McCarthy (pulled a full day's work!) James Dybas, Bethany Christine Elkin, Penny Worth, Lawrence Leritz, Teddy Kern, Patti Mariano, Karin Baker, Roger Ellis and Lawrence Merritt.  But Damn those Environmentalists!!  They screwed up the whole city - and left us short volunteers who couldn't make it in to the city to assist!  The March on the West Side and to 42nd Street tied up traffic - and people -- for the whole day!  We love you guys for trying your best to get in!

DO40 2014 Flea Market

Amidst the hubbub and hullabaloo of the crowds, DO40 members Lawrence Leritz
and Karin Baker take a brief time out from the selling frenzy (see shopping hordes!) to pose for a picture.

Special thanks to new boss-of-the-day Valerie Lau-Kee Lai of BC/EFA and of course to Tom Viola, for his support of DO40 over these past seven years.  We're happy to be able to give back to our community-at-large!

For those of you on Facebook, please go to our page,, as we have posted a bunch of pics of the day!

Background Photo 2013 BC/EFA FLEA MARKET, By Jeff Eason, Wilsonmodels, Inc