First Time Out is a Winner for DO40
at Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS!

Dancers Over 40 raises over $1200 dollars
at the Broa
dway Flea Market - Sunday, September 23rd

D040 Flea Market 1It’s all about volunteering – and bringing in the dough! And DO40 came through big time Sunday, September 23rd at the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS Flea Market. Super thank yous to all the volunteers than manned the tables, and the members and friends of... that stopped by and ended UP manning the tables! We had George Marcy, Kathy Seng Gurland, Gregg Mayer, Ron Stratton, Marge Beddow, Larry Merritt, Nicole Barth, Teddy Kern, Ed Kressley, Carolyn Kalmus, Lois Silk, Roberto Garcia, and visiting and sticking around -- Penny Worth, Harvey Evans, Carolyn Kirsch, Eileen Casey, Chuck Kelley, Chris Nelson.

And again, thank all of you for your eclectic donations. We raised $1,203.00 !!! Not bad for a first year without very much notice!!!! Do YOU know how many Playbills that is?!?!?!?!?!?!? A lot!!! Poor Ronnie Stratton almost lost his voice hawking the damn things! And thanks to Joe Ahumada, Marge Beddow, Paige Dana, Dick Korthaze and Ron Stratton for donating some high end items that sold! We had an outfit worn by Gwen Verdon in LEGS, the TV movie about the Rockettes, a 5 x 4 framed CATS poster from the front of the Wintergarden, a CATS robe, a piano score from Ballroom, signed Window Cards from LION KING, THE EASTER BONNET and GYPSY THE YEAR casts, DANCIN’ t-shirts and satin jacket, earrings, books, CDs, DVDs, Playbills, Playbills, Playbills. Oh, and did I say… Playbills?!?!???!

We really made an impression, and an impact. People were asking, "who the heck are they?" and then, "what a good idea !!!!!" Some people reconnected the name with the organization, and hopefully they will return to the fold! The weather was beautiful, there was an 8th Avenue Street Fair going on at the same time from 42nd Street to 57th (the Flea Market was on 44th Street between Broadway and 8th).

D040 Flea Market 2

President John Sefakis and Treasurer Kathy Seng Gurland, selling...


Eileen Casey, Carolyn Kirsch,
Nicole Barth and Lois Silk



Kathy Seng Gurland and Lois Silk
working the Table

Marge Beddow working the table,
as Ron Stratton and Larry Merritt look on



Setting up the DO40 Table before
the deluge of people at 9:30 a.m.


Background Photo 2013 BC/EFA FLEA MARKET, By Jeff Eason, Wilsonmodels, Inc