What a day! Yuckky, humid, cold...and then it rained, it stopped, it rained, it stopped. TONS of shoppers, who started at 9am - NOT 10am as directed! We were pooped before we started! Our tiny band of volunteers served admirably all day long, selling SMALL ticket items - none over $20.00 to reach a reputable total of $1,004.00.

2010 Flea Market Picture with intern Travis Artz, Karin Baker, Roseanna Mineo and Marti Hespen

Smooches to Karin Baker, Marcus Galante and Roseanna Mineo, for doing the early morning shift and schlepping (as Ms. Mineo often does as Mazeppa!) all the merchandise down to the Alley -- and for their valiant efforts (THIS time successful) in controlling Prez John Sefakis' annual Flea Market A.D.D. attacks! Love to Susan Sigrist and Marti Hespin for staying long past their allotted times. Same for Frank Davis and Larry Merritt. The Demings (Sean and Claire) made an appearance and brought more merchandise to sell - along with a unicycle! And more thanks to our new NYU intern, Travis Artz, who did a great job at the Playbill table and kept the crowds coming -- and returning! And our ever lovable Norma Doggett Bezwick made an appearance, doing the time step across 44th Street.  You can't keep this Seven Brides veteran from dancin'!!!!

We received GREAT feedback on our table, and lots of DO40 literature was handed out, new friends made and some contacts renewed. People LOVED our clever signage and t-shirts! The t's jete'd out of there FAST! Look for them on all NY street corners - and all corners of the world!

2010 Flea Market picture with Karin Baker hawking our DO40 t-shirts!

And thanks to ALL who donated merchandise -- Diane, Terrence, Jemela, Mimi, Kathy (Luna), Claire & Sean, Karin, Marcus, and of course to all of those people who BOUGHT! Until next year! 

Background Photo 2013 BC/EFA FLEA MARKET, By Jeff Eason, Wilsonmodels, Inc