2013 Flea Market with James Dybas, Stephen Nachamie, Lawrence Leritz, Penny Worth and Nicole Barth

Rain, rain, went away, just in time for a fabulous day! We were inundated with people - Facebook fans, DO40 members and friends from the dance and theater communities. It was extremely hard work, but worth every blister!

Especially noteworthy is the fact that we only sold only one item for $100.00, and just one at $50 -- all the rest were small ticket items, Playbills, sheet music, books, albums, CDs and sundry tchotchkes donated by members (even a necktie signed by Milton Berle, donated by long-time member Jeanne Jones Snow in Indiana!). The DO40 volunteer crew was well represented - and in choreographed shifts, no less!

2013 Flea Market with West Side Story Movie Vets David Bean, Harvey Evans, Eddie Vesco and Bert Michaels, along with a young fan!

Thank You’s go out to a gaggle of gypsies: Lawrence Leritz, Nicole Barth, James Dybas, Harvey Evans, Lawrence Merritt, Richard Korthaze, Teddy Kern, Mary Lou Barber, Penny Worth, Eileen Casey, Dottie Belle, Stephen Nachamie, Bert Michaels, David Bean, Eddie Verso, Joy Serio Dunbar - and appearances by Norma Doggett-Bezwick and Tom Fergus, Sasha Spielvogel, Roseanna Mineo, Debra Agin-Shine, Ken Urmston, Sharon Wendrow, Richard Skipper, Pamela Myers and Bryan Batt! Whatta line-up!

2013 Flea Market with Lawrence Merrit, Karin Baker, Joy Serio Dunbar and Mary Lou Barber

And dare we say... we need Playbills for next year!  


Background Photo 2013 BC/EFA FLEA MARKET, By Jeff Eason, Wilsonmodels, Inc