Call us the Timex Watch of Dance and Theater – our members are durable and “keep on tickin’!” We have a variety of events scheduled for our 2016 – 2017 season and surprises galore lined up for the Spring! But as always, we start our season with our annual Membership meeting, and this year it will also include a short tap class taught by DO40 member Bob Audy, on September 18th at STEPS Dance Studio. Then on to our 10th (!!!!) annual Broadway Cares/EFA Flea Market on Sept. 25th.

L to R back: DO40 board member Eileen Casey, Thomas McRoberts,
Lawrence Leritz, Paul Berne, DO40 board member Patrick McCarthy
L to R front: BC/EFA volunteer Jessica, Joy Serio Dunbar, DO40 board member James Dybas, Sharon Wendrow and Ellen Fluhr

With a totally new set up for the BC/EFA Flea Market – and a new location for our tables, there was apprehension in the air.  But by the end of the day, we raised over $3,000.00 for BC/EFA!  Being “first” at 44th and 8th might seem to have been a good idea – but we found more traffic in the middle of the flea market, where we usually set up.  Anyway, we could have gone on selling until 9pm!  We had to physically stop people from going through the sheet music, playbills and other paraphernalia that were left at the end of the day!  The cars driving by behind us were not as much of a distraction as we thought, but we didn’t get to see all the tables that we would have seen had we had the entire street to ourselves.  Sharing the street with cars and having only “half a street” to sell was a weird, but our location allowed us to have the five tables we needed to show off our wares.  We put out - and the buyers certainly did too! This brings our 10 year total working the Flea Market and giving back to BC/EFA to the tune of appx. $22,000.00! Thanks to ALL of our volunteers and friends that showed up, and to the BC/EFA crew for helping with the schlepping - those boxes of Playbills can't get there with just our "over 40" volunteers! We needed some young muscle to move all the merchandise back and forth from the site!

And when the BC/EFA official totals came out and they sent their emails to all the participants, we were given a shout out for our ingenious (if we must say so ourselves!) marketing ploy of attracting buyers with our boxes of (non) celebrity clothing and shoes!  Everyone wanted a dress that SUTTON FOSTER did not WEAR!   Or shoes that DONNA McKECHNIE did not WEAR! 

For the last five years, DO40 has been featuring this table of clothes and shoes
“not” worn by celebrities! And it works every time! People come over,
some buy the merchandise anyway, but they are AT OUR TABLE
– and ready to purchase other items as well!

Hopefully, we won't leave any of our volunteers out as we acknowledge their support (in rotation throughout the day): Board members Sasha Spielvogel, Nancy Flowers Patrick McCarthy, James Dybas and Eileen Casey, along with members Diane Nicole, Lawrence Leritz, Sharon Wendrow, Thomas F. McRoberts, Paul Berna, Leni Anders, Judy Wong and Ellen Fluhr. Special Thanks to the BC/EFA crew, especially Chip Byars and Valerie Lau-Kee-Lai and our rotating roster of youngsters helping out all day to relieve us - to let us relieve ourselves!! (Good thing there were bathroom facilities 20 feet away! Another perk of our new location!). Seen, heard and making a splash, DO40 members (the lovely 91-years-young!) Norma Doggett-Bezwick (7 Brides for 7 Brothers), Harvey Evans, Felicia Velasco, Joe Ahumada, Claire Deming, Darlene Larson, Pat MIchaels, author Ken Bloom and our special guest, the son of the late DO40 member Jeanne Jones Snow and Harry Snow, Danny Snow, who donated some of his parents' items to our table (a real theatrical and dance family!) AND!!! This doesn't include the many, many people who donated the goods! Nicole Barth's partner Artie Siccardi, Virginia Seidel, Ellen Fluhr, Margaret Schuette, Joe Ahumada, Felicia Velasco, Sasha Spielvogel, Karin Baker Kayne, Michon Peacock, Danny Snow ...and more! It’s a long day, and an even longer few weeks to prepare, but worth every minute!

DO40 Board members, L to R rear:  Sasha Spielvogel, Patrick McCarthy
and Nancy Dalton. Front:  DO40 member – and former board member - Joy Serio Dunbar

Danny Snow, son of DO40 member Jeannie Jones Snow,
with DO40 members Harvey Evans and Paul Berne

We had plenty of room behind our tables to set up, walk around and sell!!!
That’s Joy Serio Dunbar with the Fosse/Verdon poster, signed by Nicole Fosse at our March, 2016 Verdon/Fosse event!


Background Photo 2013 BC/EFA FLEA MARKET, By Jeff Eason, Wilsonmodels, Inc