SEPTEMBER 22, 2019

First shift of volunteers!  Morning:  Susan Sigrist, Ken Bloom, Felicia Velasco-D’Amico,
Felicia D’Amico, Bobby Hedglin-Taylor, DO40 prez John Sefakis,
Sharon Wendrow, Patrick McCarthy, Lawrence Leritz, Christine Reisner and Claire Deming.

It's our most grueling, harrowing, yet fulfilling day of the year, when we as DO40 come together to give back to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. They have been there for us for over a decade and we have been giving back at their flea market for 13 years. We have now raised over $30,000.00 for BC/EFA since we started with one little table (and $1,000.00) to five and $5,551.00 (give or take a hundred - after all, we're dancers, not mathematicians! Final count will come soon!)

SO many people to thank for their (material) donations - DO40 members Marti Hespen, Lori Tan Chinn, Virginia Seidel, Sasha Spielvogel, Patrick McCarthy, Katharine Buffaloe-Harris, Joe Ahumada, Felicia Velasco-D'Amico, Patti and JoAnn Mariano, Luna Borromeo, Larry Fuller, Karin Baker, Ken Bloom (If we forgot someone, we apologize in advance! Blame it on the Emmys! The winners always forget someone!)

Volunteers throughout the day: board members Patrick McCarthy, Sasha Spielvogel, Nancy Flowers and Katharine Buffaloe, along with members Ken Bloom, Karin Baker, Ellen Fluhr, Claire Deming, Sharon Wendrow, Patti Mariano, JoAnn "Toots" Mariano, Kristine Nevins, Bobby Hedglin-Taylor, Christine Reisner, Roseanna Mineo, Pat and Bert Michaels and Greg Kayne. Special thanks to Ken Bloom and Patrick McCarthy, who gave their entire day to this enterprise. It was virtually a 12 hour day, with load in and load out.

Second shift of volunteers!  Afternoon:  Ken Blook, Sasha Spielvogel,
Patrick McCarthy, Sharon Wendrow, JoAnn “Toots” Mariano, Patti Mariano,
Virginia Seidel, Kristine Nevins, Katharine Buffaloe-Harris

Again, as we said last year when we surpassed all expectations with $4400.00, we doubt we will be able to raise so much money next year. It all depends on the volunteers, their material and time donations and how we sell to the public. Our perennial favorite corner, SUTTON FOSTER (did not wear these) CLOTHES - was a blockbuster! People posed and took pics in front of the bin (see pic), tweeted and Instagrammed it - and bought the (not) Sutton Foster frocks and much more! So, thank you, Sutton Foster, for all your help over the years!  Many tables had similar products to sell, but we sell from the heart, and from the history of our lives. We tell the stories about almost everything we sell, and make sure there is a connection between the buyer and our goods. Ya gotta have heart - and what we provide you can't package or quantify.

And thank you, always, Tom Viola, for supporting and believing in us as an organization!  We share so many memories – and history – and our members continue to support BC/EFA all year long, not just at the flea market.  Our History, Our Legacy, Our Lives.

With our new best friends – who LOVED our Sutton Foster sign and clothes!
Not hiding behind them, DO40 board members Sasha Spielvogel
and Nancy Dalton-Flowers!

We think we know who “the Boss” is here!!! 
DO40 board members Sasha Spielvogel and Nancy Dalton-Flowers (“the Boss!)

Our new “end of day” shot with DO40 member Virginia Seidel!


Background Photo 2013 BC/EFA FLEA MARKET, By Jeff Eason, Wilsonmodels, Inc