Verdon/Fosse Hands for All!  (L to Right back row: Patrick McCarthy, Lora Martens,
Ken Bloom, Kevin Winkler, Lawrence Leritz, Joy Serio-Dunbar, Leni Anders,
Katharine Buffaloe-Harris, Christine Reisner and Sharon Wendrow;
Seated, L to R, Martha Warschau, Sasha Spielvogel Karin Baker-Kayne and Greg Kayne
(not pictured, Eileen Casey, Sandy Nance and DO40 Prez John Sefakis)

Our DO40 annual membership meeting September 16th was jam-packed with all things DO40 to begin our Fall season! With a DO40 benefit at the AMC Theaters on Thursday and the BC/EFA Flea Market on Sunday AND our first big panel & performance just a month away AND our December 9th Legacy Awards around the corner (so are some holidays we will NOT DISCUSS this early in the season!), we are UP and RUNNING - as fast as our Over 40 feet can take us! DO40 member and documentarian Ken Bloom discussed his upcoming Verdon flick, debuting on Amazon Prime this month, along with DO40 member and Fosse biographer Kevin Winkler (in the documentary) for extra added Verdon analysis. The audience ate up all things Verdon! From Gwen's early movie appearances to her shot to stardom in Can-Can and Damn Yankees and beyond, tons of stories and hints of what's to come at the AMC Theaters premiere of the documentary - to benefit DO40 on Thursday September 19th! Thanks to all who attended and volunteered for the BC/EFA Flea Market on Sunday:  Lora Martens, Christine Reisner, Martha Warschau, Leni Anders, Joy Serio-Dunbar, Sharon Wendrow, Lawrence Leritz, Sandy Nance, Karin Baker-Kayne and Greg Kayne, DO40 board members Patrick McCarthy, Katharine Buffaloe-Harris, Eileen Casey and Sasha Spielvogel.

DO40’s 2019 Annual Membership Meeting will be held at Shetler Studios, 244 West 54th Street, 12th Floor SH #1. Author, producer and now documentarian and DO40 member Ken Bloom will discuss the September premiere of “Merely Marvelous,” a documentary about Gwen Verdon with reminiscences from many in the theater community, including her son, DO40 member Jim Henaghan.  It is currently being distributed in England on BBC4 and headed to an Amazon Prime debut in September.  Ken Bloom is a New York-based, Grammy Award-winning theatre historian, playwright, director, record producer, and author of American Song: The Complete Musical Theatre Companion and the bestseller, Broadway Musicals:  The 101 Greatest shows of All Time.

After the meeting with DO40 Advisory Board member Sasha Spielvogel and DO40 members Ken Bloom, Kevin Winkler and Christine Reisner

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DO40 member and Verdon documentarian Ken Bloom discusses “Merely Marvelous,”
the new Gwen Verdon documentary – out now!  Also speaking, DO40 member
and Fosse biographer Kevin Winkler.

DO40 Prez John Sefakis with DO40 member Lora Martens and
DO40 Board Member Katharine Buffaloe-Harris