Dancers over 40 presents …
The Entrepreneurs!!
Our April 18, 2021 Membership Meeting
shines with productive and prolific authors and entrepreneurs!

FDO40 prez John Sefakis with the DO40 Entrepreneurs!

Sunday’s April DO40 Zoom membership meeting was awash in entertainers who “got a gimmick” to sustain their creative juices!  From authors, to dance teachers, Pilates instructors and organizers, podcasters and producers!  We featured DO40 member Kevin Winkler and his new autobiography of Tommy Tune, coming out the end of 2021, along with DO40 member and Tommy Tune understudy Ron Young, who wrote his own biography, The Only Boy Who Danced, back in 2011. Also on hand, producer, author, raconteur and DO40 member Ken Bloom, whose new book on Eubie Blake: Rags, Riches and Race, is now out!  Ken explained that out of Eubie Blake’s Shuffle Along (100 years ago!) came the concept for “chorus dancers!”  We still keep learning a thing or three every time DO40 meets!!! Also, Ken is penning a David Merrick biography, so he’ll be looking for an assist from all of our DM Dancers!

DO40 member Ron Young with his autobiography, The Only Boy Who Danced

Zooming with us along with Winkler, Young and Bloom (sounds like a questionable Broadway producing team, don’t you think?) and DO40 prez John Sefakis, DO40 members included Leslie Burgin, Joyce Nolen, Martha Warschau, Steph Marie, Leni Anders, John Bate, DO40 board members Sasha Spielvogel, Eileen Casey and Lawrence Leritz, Joy Serio Dunbar, Francine Storey, Judith Wong, Tom McRoberts as well as Pilates instructor Ellen Fluhr, educator and performer Robert Sacheli, organizer Karyn Tomczak and podcast perfectionist Charles Kirsch!

There was a Question and Answer after the presentations and DO40 prez John Sefakis announced the May 17th Spelling Bee fundraiser for DO40 by Ken Bloom (with an assist by Charles Kirsch) and another Trivia Evening (a big hit last month!) in July to kick off our 2021 – 2022 (can you believe it?!?!) DO40 season!

DO40 member and Fosse AND Tommy Tune author Kevin Winkler

We ended the evening with the 4-minute clip of DO40 members inserted in the 75th Birthday event for Liza Minnelli last month!  We zoomed at home and the producers edited our zooming brilliantly! 

DO40 was also featured on the podcast Behind the Curtain, hosted by Kevin David Thomas and Rob Schneider – now BOTH card-carrying, dues-paying members! Thanks for the plug! DO40 is getting noticed!  Everywhere!  And we’re happy to announce we passed our 2019 – 2020 membership goal already, and it’s not June yet (the end of our season)!! Thanks to all who joined, renewed and donated to keep DO40 afloat during this awful pandemic and trying times.  We’ve asked for suggestions on how we, as an organization, can help to fight the ongoing racism and violent attacks in NYC and across the nation. Be vigilant. Thoughtful. And always resilient!

DO40 members John Sefakis, Ron Young, Joy Serio Dunbar, Lawrence Leritz watch as author Kevin Winkler shares a Tommy Tune/SEESAW photo.

Members Only! View the Zoom Meeting Here If You Missed It.