Held Monday, September 20th, 7-9pm

DO40 president John Sefakis with the DO40 crew!

What a great kick off to our 2021 – 2022 DO40 season!  Our second annual NATIONAL DO40 membership meeting, held Monday, September 20th 7 – 9pm on that Zoom thing!  It was author night with members Ken Bloom, Leslie Kerr and Kevin Winkler discussing their upcoming tomes on David Merrick shows, Donald O’Connor and Tommy Tune. Author John Gilvey had internet issues in PA and could not get on to discuss his two volume Gwen Verdon bio in the works.

We had trivia questions from the authors and winners of the new DO40 tank tops were Thomas McRoberts and Kevin Winkler!  Many members reminisced amongst themselves, waay back to the NY World’s Fair of 1964 – and beyond!  Anthony Marciona was younger than our current wiz kid Charles Kirsch (of Backstage Babble podcast fame) when he made his Broadway debut in the 60’s!  So nice to see members back where they belong, like Aja Kane, Laura Danette, Gail Benedict, and our Pop! Six! Squish gang from the original CHICAGO, Cheryl Clark, Michon Peacock and Candy Brown. DO40 prez John Sefakis went over this season’s events with hopeful “live” events in the near future. Our next outing, the BC/EFA Flea Market on October 3rd, 10 – 6pm in Shubert Alley needs LOTS of volunteers, the day of the event and the week before, sorting playbills, pricing, and eventually schlepping all our goods down to the flea market! A LOT for us waaaay over 40 troupers!  If you’re in NYC and specifically midtown, please email us at dancersover40@aol.com to let us know you can help, “live” and in person!  (All volunteers at the tables must be vaccinated and wear masks, as per BC/EFA.)

Members, listed below!!

Seen – and heard – zooming: DO40 Board members Sasha Spielvogel, Patrick McCarthy, Lawrence Leritz and Eileen Casey, as well as CHICAGO alumni Candy Brown (in CO), Michon Peacock, Cheryl Clark (in LA), Aja Kane, Laura Danette, Gail Benedict (in KY), Leni Anders, Robert Sacheli (in DC), Tom McRoberts (in VA), DO40 Legacy Awardee Mary McCatty, authors Ken Bloom, Leslie Kerr (in SC) and Kevin Winkler, AND, 14 year-old (as of today!) Charles Kirsch, Martha Warschau, Anthony Marciona (in LA), Ellen Fluhr, Sandy Nance, Karyn Tomczak and Scott Raneri, with co-host Trevor Kuprel. Almost there, author John Gilvey (with internet issues in PA!) and a bit late, Edith Holzer! Special shout out/thanks to our co-host Trevor Kuprel, who handled our pictures and video for the evening.

DO40 member and author Kevin Winkler discusses SEESAW with Tommy Tune

We will continue to provide our community a space to communicate with each other, whether it be “live,” virtual or even just our bi-annual hard copy newsletter, which everyone should receive this week!  DO40 MEMBERS:  If you missed the meeting, we will be posting it on our website, www.dancersover40.org next week!  Remember, you must be a card-carrying, dues paying member to watch all of our events on our website. All other information, photos and stories are free to the public!  So if you haven’t joined or renewed, now is a GOOD TIME to do so!  Just go to our website and click on the JOIN/DONATE/RENEW button and follow the options to come on board!  To paraphrase Chita in CHICAGO, “We simply cannot do it, alone!”

DO40 president John Sefakis in the new DO40 tank top!

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