DO40 prez John Sefakis with national DO40 members

A great national DO40 meeting on Valentine's evening with members from all over the country! DO40 board members Patrick McCarthy, Eileen Casey, along with youngest member Charles Kirsch, author Kevin Winkler, DANCIN' doyenne Christine Colby Jacques, Sandy Nance, flea market whiz Virginia Seidel, Rosalie Gelston, Ellen Fluhr, Joshua Ellis, Cheryl "Pop" Clark, Thomas McRoberts, Leni Anders, Joanna Rush, Martha Martha B. Warschau, Karmen Herman and a few more technically challenged who could not log on!

DO40 members waving to the crowd!

Thanks to our co-host Reed Black, from the To Proudly Go org for setting up the photos and videos of the evening. We featured, of course a reminscence of members gone from 2021 - Bob Avian, Harvey Evans, Janice Herbert, Kaye Popp Genese and most recently Billie Mahoney. Videos from Hullabaloo, courtesy of new DO40 member John Ganun were great, and identified a lot of dancers we all know and love! These videos are some of the only videos of Michael Bennett dancing! We will continue zooming our membership meetings to bring together our national - and international - members!

Hullabaloo dancers!

Hullabaloo dancer Barbara Alston

We remember Billie Mahoney

View the Members Only Zoom Video of this Event