(DO40 prez John Sefakis with members Bobby Hedglin-Taylor, Loni Ackerman, Martha Warschau, Charles Kirsch, Eileen Casey, Patrick McCarthy, Leni Anders, Lawrence Leritz and May Kessler)

Bobby Hedglin-Taylor

As they say in CHICAGO, “things are not always as they appear to be!” When planning our winter meeting we neglected to factor in the superbowl – and all you DO40 Rihanna fans! Also, for some reason the e-blast link to our Zoom did not work. We DID mention you could cut and paste instead, but only a few mastered that technological leap! Sorry!

Charles Kirsch

We did move forward with information on the Broadway Show Bowling League and the contest for a “name” for our “team,” as well as mentioning the upcoming memorial for Richard Korthaze this Saturday at 12 noon at St. Malachy’s Church, 239 West 49th Street, NYC. Also, we are in conversation with many of the people who worked for Angela Lansbury, to assist us in forming an “Ensemble Salute” to that “top drawer” performer. We have many members who worked in a multitude of shows with Ms. Lansbury, and her kindness and largesse were well known in the Broadway community. We would like to share those stories – and dance AND song as well, including all the performers who were touched by this brilliant lady. We are hoping for a May date for the event. Also in the hopper, a few anniversary shows, still in the early stages of planning, and as always, a summer – maybe live – Charles Kirsch event to coincide with our 2023 -2024 DO40 Season, which will kick off DO40’s 30TH ANNIVERSARY, having been created in a coffee shop back in 1994(Yep – a coffee shop!). The only founding member still holding the torch high is DO40 board member Eileen Casey (others responsible for our beginnings included John Mineo, Chris Nelson, Zoya Leporska and Frank Pietri).

Loni Ackerman Kennedy

Attending the meeting were Bobby Hedglin-Taylor, Leni Anders, Loni Ackerman, Martha Warschau, May Kessler, Patrick McCarthy, Lawrence Leritz, Eileen Casey and Charles Kirsch and moderated by DO40 prez John Sefakis.

Martha Warschau (we think a ghost inhabited her screen!)

We will check our settings more carefully next time – but maybe a cut and paste would be the best way of avoiding a “link” problem in the future! This is the first time we have had that issue in all of our Zooming during that COVID inconvenience!

Eileen Casey

Rules and prize for our team name to be announced shortly! And if any members and OR friends worked with Angela and would like to share their stories, please contact DO40 at – soon!

And remember, the entire video of the meeting will be available on the member-only page of our website, shortly, for ALL our members to watch!

Patrick McCarthy

We also discussed DO40 member Ann Johnson's new book, Facing Forward!, our soon-to-go-viral Instagram Page @dancersover40official and the salute to board member Richard Korthaze (see memorial information posted separately on our page).

Leni Anders

And for those in NYC, long-time member Joanna Rush has a one-woman show at Don't Tell Mama, 343 West 46th St. NYC on March 16th at 7pm. She is wonderful!

May Kessler

Lawrence Leritz

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