DO40 presents The Verdon/Fosse Legacy

An exciting success as...


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Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries sung by Valerie Pettiford

Back to Front, Right to Left: John Gilvey, Ken Urmston, Mimi Quillin, Gene Foote, Michael, McArthur, Dana Moore, Harvey Evans, Lloyd Culbreath, Valarie Pettiford, Mary Callahan, Diana Laurenson, (Front Row) Kevin Winkler, Kathryn Doby, Nicole Fosse, Byron St. Cyr, Lauren Blackman, Tommy Scrivens (Not pictured:  George Marcy, Dick Korthaze, Pam Sousa)

We knew it would be a love fest and gathering of long-lost friends and peers, but even we at DO40 were astounded at the amount of information and knowledge shared at our All that Verdon!  All that Fosse! Event March 23, 2016 at St. Luke’s Theater in NYC.  The evening featured gypsies from the 50’s to the 00’s, plus students learning about Verdon & Fosse through the Verdon/Fosse Legacy Workshops. Nicole Fosse and Valarie Pettiford lead the panels, including 50’s gypsies Ken Urmston, Dick Korthaze, George Marcy and Harvey Evans, all the way to FOSSE and SWEET CHARITY revival vets Mimi Quillin and Diana Laurenson. Also in the mix, Verdon/Fosse workshop teachers Dana Moore and Lloyd Culbreath, and gypsies Gene Foote, Pam Sousa and Fosse assistant Kathryn Doby. Also on hand, DO40 members and authors John Gilvey and Kevin Winkler, currently writing books on Verdon and Fosse, respectively.

(Left to Right: Nicole Fosse, Kathryn Doby, Gene Foote, George Marcy, Harvey Evans,
Ken  Urmston,
Dick Korthaze, Mimi Quillin, Diana Laurenson and Pam Sousa)


Students from the Verdon/Fosse Legacy Workshops included Mary Callahan, Lauren Blackman, Kenna Morris Garcia, Michael McArthur, Tommy Scrivens and Byron St. Cyr. In the audience, MORE Fosse dancers: Michon Peacock, Denice Pence Boockvor, Lawrence Merritt and Penny Worth, along with sooo many other DO40 members – Pat and Bert Michaels, Norma Doggett-Bezwick, Nikki Fiertz Atkins, Felicia Velasco, Lawrence Leritz, Sasha Spielvogel, Barbara Bernardo (in from LA), Janice Herbert, Skip Schultz, Karin Baker, Ginger Tidwell, DO40 board members Teddy Kern, James Dybas, Nancy Dalton and Patrick McCarthy.

(Left to Right  The Teachers and the Students:  Valarie Pettiford, Dana Moore,
Lloyd Culbreath, with Verdon/Fosse Legacy Worshop students Mary Callahan, Kenna Morris,
Michael McArthur,
Tommy Scrivens, Byron St. Cyr, Lauren Blackman)


And welcome to the many audience members new to DO40, experiencing our panels – and our mission, to preserve the History, Legacy and Lives of our creative community while paying it forward to the next generation – for the first time! Special thanks to Nicole Fosse and Mary Callahan and stage manager Robert Levenstein for all their help – and Valarie Pettiford for those set of lungs! She blew the roof off the theater (don’t worry, St. Luke’s Producer Ed Gaynes will repair!) with her rendition of “Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries,” Fosse’s favorite song.

(DO40 members and authors Kevin Winkler and John Gilvey discuss their
upcoming books on Fosse and Verdon, respectively)


(Backstage with the Boys!  Left to Right:  DO40 members Ken Urmston,
Prez John Sefakis,
Dick Korthaze, Harvey Evans and George Marcy)


The audience was fantastic!  So glad to see new faces – and long lost friends as well!  Video clips of the event will be posted on the member-only page of our website, soon! Remember, if you’re not a member of DO40, you won’t be able to view this event!  We do not publish our events on youtube any more! 

(Backstage with the Girls! Oh, and Gene Foote, too! – Left to Right:  Pam Sousa,
Nicole Fosse, Gene Foote, Kathryn Doby and Diana Laurenson)


And there will be a free Photo Gallery Posted with over 100 pictures from the event – up soon on our website, so you’ll be able to visit with all your former friends and castmates – and see what they look like… now!  And remember, it’s never too late to join DO40! Join now and your membership will be good through August, 2017!!!!

Left to Right:  Nikki Fiert Atkins (the ADM21), DO40 Prez John Sefakis,
Fosse assistant Kathryn Doby and Gene Foote


(Harvey Evans with the “New Fosse Kids on the Block,”
Diana Laurenson and Mimi Quillin!)


(Fosse Assistant Kathryn Doby and Penny Worth, the first Roxie to go out on tour
in 1977 with the original CHICAGO)


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(Always a Harvey Sandwich!  The guy is so Pop-U-Lar! 
With DO40 members Pat and Bert Michaels.  These three have a combined
150 years in show business.  And that is NOT an exaggeration!!!)

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Photo By Jeff Eason, Wilsonmodels, Inc