DO40’S Celebration Of Tommy Tune and
DO40 Member and Author Kevin Winkler’s New Tune Tome!

Tommy Tune

Panel #1, L to R: Joy Serio Dunbar, Carole Monferdini, Gloria Hodes, Julie Hafner, Memrie Innerarity,
Debra Zalkind, Tom Cashin, Becky Ann Baker, Kevin Winkler, Niki Harris, Jill Cook, Karen Akers,
Dorothy Kiara, Nancy McGraw


Words can’t describe (well, they must, if we’re to get on with this description!) what an evening it was for Dancers Over 40 and the celebration of Tommy Tune and DO40 author Kevin Winkler’s book, Everything is Choreography: The Musical Theater of Tommy Tune! Sold out! Over 120 in attendance at the Actors’ Temple Theatre in NYC.  Two panels, three performances, videos, and a premiere video from ADM21 rounded out the evening – and we bested ourselves!  Beat the clock and came in under 3 hours!  Although we ended at 10:55pm, our long intermission was almost as satisfying as the panels. Everyone got to mingle, see old friends, meet new ones, get pictures taken, buy Kevin’s book at our DO40 “mini-table” in the reception room as well as buy our DO40 masks, baseball caps and tank tops!  It was so hard getting people back in their seats!  But well worth it! 

Panel #2, L to R: Adrian Bailey, Niki Harris, Jill Cook, Peter von Mayrhauser,
David Jackson, Patti D'Beck, Mary McCatty, Kevin Winkler, Penny Worth, Karen Akers,
Jeff Calhoun, Wendy Waring, Steve Minning

The evening was hosted by entertainer and MC extraordinaire Richard Skipper with two panels moderated by Kevin Winkler featuring cast members and associates from all Tune's hit shows, including Tony Award-nominated director-choreographer Jeff Calhoun (The Will Rogers Follies, My One and Only), Tony Award winner Cady Huffman (The Will Rogers Follies), Emmy nominee Becky Ann Baker (The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas), Tony Award nominee Karen Akers (Nine, Grand Hotel), Jill Cook (Best Little Whorehouse, My One and Only, Hollywood/Ukraine) Adrian Bailey (My One and Only), David Jackson (Grand Hotel, My One and Only), Wendy Waring (The Will Rogers Follies), Peter Von Mayrhauser (My One and Only, The Will Rogers Follies) Debra Zalkind (The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas), Nancy McGraw (Nine), Dorothy Kiara (Nine) Tom Cashin (The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas), Joy Serio Dunbar (A Joyful Noise), Penny Worth (Grand Hotel), Carole Monferdini (The Club), Julie Hafner (Nine, The Club), Gloria Hodes (The Club), Memrie Innerarity (The Club) Mary McCatty (The Best Little Whorehouse Goes Public), dance assistants extraordinaire Patti D'Beck (My One and Only, The Will Rogers Follies) and Niki Harris (Hollywood/Ukraine, Grand Hotel).

CURTAIN CALL!  L to R: Fred Barton, Gloria Hodes, Carole Monderdini, Memrie Innerarity, Julie Hafner,
Jill Cook, Jeff Calhoun, Wendy Waring, Joy Serio Dunbar, Richard Skipper, Kevin Winkler,
Debra Zalkind, DO40 Prez John Sefakis; Front Stage L to R: Mary McCatty, Steve Minning,
Tari Kelly, David Jackson, Dorothy Kiara, Karen Akers, Penny Worth, Niki Harris,
Peter von Mayrhauser, Patti D'Beck, Nancy McGraw; Center kneeling, Adrian Bailey

Special performances included a number by original cast members Julie Hafner, Gloria Hodes, Memrie Innerarity and Carole Monferdini of The Club, Tune's directorial debut, Dorothy Kiara singing from Nine, special guest Tari Kelly singing from The Will Rogers Follies and a video premiere presentation by the American Dance Machine for the 21st Century of the classic "Our Favorite Son" from The Will Rogers Follies.  Musical direction for the evening was provided by composer-lyricist-conductor Fred Barton.  

The Club Cast, L to R: Julie Hafner, Gloria Hodes, Carole Monferdini, Memrie Innerarity

In the audience, podcaster wiz Charles Kirsch and Remy Holzer Kirsch, Playbill’s Harry Haun, Laurence Leritz resplendent in black sequins, Sue Samuels, the flying Mariano sisters, Patti and JoAnn, Susan Lowrance and Barbara Bernardo in from LA, Stephanie Eley in from Philadelphia, AGVA Executive Vice Presdent Chris Johnson, Scott Raneri, Margaret Schuette, Gwen Sarnoff, producer Ken Bloom, Daphne Foreman, Ellen Fluhr, Susan Sigrist and Kristine Nevins. And that’s just the tip of the ole iceberg!

Dorothy Kiara singing from NINE

Special thanks to all who made this evening possible, especially Kevin Winkler, Richard Skipper, Fred Barton, all the panelists, our DO40 board of directors and all the volunteers who helped get us back on our feet after TWO YEARS WITHOUT A LIVE EVENT!  Thanks to Leni Anders, Sasha Spielvogel, Sharon Wendrow, Karyn Tomczak, Mary Lilygren, Bobby Hedglin-Taylor, Patrick McCarthy, SM Maarten Cornelis, audio manager Trevor Trotto videographer Manny Santiago and photographer Jeff Eason. 

Tari Kelly singing from The Will Rogers Follies

DO40 can’t produce these shows without you, the audience, our members, our DO40 Facebook fans and Friends of DO40 (you don’t have to be a professional dancer or “over 40” to join!).  Our DO40 PHOTO GALLERY OF OVER 70 PHOTOS by photographer Jeff Eason will be posted shortly, all captioned -  of the many, many people not only on stage, but also in the audience, some of whom came from all over the US – and Virgin Islands – to BE THERE!  As we said, you had to…!!

Before the show in the Green Room, L to R: Debra Zalkind, Tom Cashin, Becky Ann Baker,
Steve Minning, Joy Serio Dunbar, Mary McCatty, Cady Huffman, Peter von Mayrhauser,
Richard Skipper, David Jackson, Penny Worth, Jeff Calhoun, Patti D'Beck, Karen Akers,
Wendy Waring, Niki Harris, Tari Kelly, Carole Monferdini, Julie Hafner, Gloria Hodes,
Memrie Innerarity, Kevin Winkler

More to come IN JUST THREE WEEKS – at our DO40 Holiday Dinner and Legacy Awards!  Tickets are already on sale on telecharge for Monday, December 6th, 6 – 9pm at LIPS Restaurant, 227 East 56th Street, NYC. We are honoring Mercedes Ellington, Mary McCatty, Sue Samuels, Susan Sigrist and Tony Waag.  Tickets are $55.00; DO40 members’ price is $40.00 with discount code/membership card.  Members call the telecharge number 212-947-8844 or go online to  Non-members call telecharge at 212-239-6200 or go to  NOTE:  The Actors Temple Theatre Box Office is only open an hour before their performances on Tuesday, 6 – 7pm, Wednesday, 6:30 – 7:30pm, Thursday, 6 – 7pm and Saturday, 1 – 2pm. Phone number 212-246-8140.  Come with friends and meet new ones, rekindle old friendships and just have a great dinner and celebration of our History, our Legacy and our Lives!

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Photo By Jeff Eason, Wilsonmodels, Inc