A black tie event! DO40 president John Sefakis with the virtual DO40 gang
for Liza Minnelli’s 75th Birthday Soiree, slated for airing online starting March 12th!

DO40 was invited to participate in the taping of Liza's 75th Birthday, to be aired virtually on March 12 (and that weekend). In a quickly arranged DO40 member-only Zoom meeting, we gathered all the Liza dancers we could from our flock to personally say hello and shout a Happy Birthday to Liza. (Our members danced in Flora the Red Menace, Best Foot Forward, The Act, Chicago, Liza with a Z, Carnegie Hall and dozens of TV specials.) After they all sent their personal birthday wishes the group did as well: Francis J. Roach, Karyn Tomczak, Nancy Dalton Fowers, Phyllis Wallach Juried, Charles Kirsch, Edmund Gaynes, Cheryl Clark, Candy Brown, Michon Peacock, Kathryn Doby & Wolfgang Glattes, Stephanie Stabile, Francine Storey, Ken Bloom, Martha Warschau, Carol Estey, Lawrence Leritz, Patrick McCarthy, Judy Wong, Leni Anders, Richard Skipper, Meriam Bernabei, Virginia Seidel, James Dybas, DO40 president John Sefakis, Eileen Casey, Jan Augustine, Skip Schultz and Barbara Bernardo. Our YOUNGEST member's grandparents saw Liza in The Act and Liza with a Z! Charles Kirsch is 80 years younger than DO40 board member Richard Korthaze!!! (Pippin, Chicago, Dancin', Anything Goes and a slew of Bway shows from the 50's!).

Yes, our youngest member, Charles Kirsch just had his Bar Mitzvah! Check out his podcast, Backstage Babble, where he interviews some of our members and more!! The DO40 Zoom meeting was taped by one of the Liza producers, Matt Berman, and will be edited with all the other participants and stars to celebrate Liza on March 12th (including, of course, Liza’s co-star in The Rink, DO40 Advisory Board member Chita Rivera!) Now you may blink and miss us in the performance portion of the event – after all, there are “heavy hitters” featured in this soiree! But we are very proud to have been asked to participate nevertheless! Here's the link to the show. It will be repeated twice after the premiere! https://www.broadwayworld.com/.../Chita-Rivera-Joel-Grey...