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DO40 2013 - The Story of Our Lives Event

Curtain Call/Finale with Tony Sheldon, Carol Lawrence, DO40 Prez John Sefakis and Liliane Montevecchi


Hosted by Carol Lawrence,
DO40 ends the 2012 - 2013 season on the highest note!

Another year, another performance! And another lovely hosting gig by the luscious Carol Lawrence, and featuring new member Liliane Montevecchi, and long-time member Tony Sheldon….and the Paul Taylor Dance company and a Margo Sappington Ballet…and much, much more!

This was one of the most diverse entertainments DO40 has ever produced. The evening was a benefit for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and Dance for PD® (Parkinson’s Disease), housed at the Mark Morris Dance Center in Brooklyn. There was tap, jazz, ballet, modern, songs, duets, trios, and comedy… Tonight! (well, last week).

DO40 2013 - The Story of Our Lives Event

Opening Number: The Story of Our Lives, featuring (l to r on barre: Nicole Barth,
Tom Sinibaldi, Joy Serio Dunbar, Donna Rubin, Stas Kmiec, Michael Gorman,
Elen Fluhr, Troy Barnes; center, Ron Young Marilyn D’honau and Diane Nicole)

The evening was a benefit for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and Dance for PD® (Parkinson’s Disease), housed at the Mark Morris Dance Center in Brooklyn.  There was tap, jazz, ballet, modern, songs, duets, trios, and comedy… Tonight!  (well, last week).  Margo Sappington and Mark Stuart provided two outstanding duets, “Fly Me” and “Night and Day,” that wowed the audience with their lifts and fabulous choreography.

Fly Me:   Sarah O’Gleby and Adam Perry


Night and Day:  Veronika Verterich and Vitali Krauchenka

And to promote DO40’s Legacy Project, hostess Carol Lawrence introduced the G.I. Jive, performed by DO40 members Bambi Jones, Juliet Ewing and Mary Lou Barber.  This number, an excerpt from a longer, Johnny Mercer Songbook directed by DO40 member Karin Baker, was performed at the Lilian Booth Actors Home in NJ for their residents.  (Choreography by cast member (not shown) Patti Mariano.)  The Legacy Project seeks opportunities for DO40 members to perform, do workshops and speak at colleges, universities and arts organizations around the country. 
“Guys -- I really didn't anticipate how much fun I would have doing the benefit this year. Thank you for asking me, and let me know if I can ever help again.”

Two different kinds of solos moved the audience in much different ways.  Troy Barnes’ 2 Tears in a Bucket was a roller coaster of emotions, while Tony Sheldon lamented in song the travails and pitfalls of the “universal” Dancer over 40.”

Left: Two Tears in a Bucket - Troy Barnes
Right: What’s a Boy Supposed to Do? - Tony Sheldon

DO40 was honored to have the Paul Taylor Dance Company join us this year.  The excerpt from “Cloven Kingdom” was impeccably danced by members of his company.  A special thank you to Mr. Taylor for his largesse.

Cloven Kingdom:  Michael Trusnovec, Robert Kleinendorst, James Samson and Sean Mahoney

For a taste of humor, or as one could describe it, a choreographic comic dialogue, the effervescent Claire Porter (from last year’s “Lady Lamp”) gathered a band of her merry men (and women) for an inside look at air travel, before – or after – the Sequester!

At the Gate:  Jim Martin, Matt Buffalo, Susan Thomasson, Claire Porer and Sabatino Verlezza.

Always stunning, the beautiful Karine Plantadit, a new DO40 member, performed an original piece by choreographer Christopher Huggins.  Karine performed in both Twyla Tharp shows on Broadway, MOVIN’ OUT and the Sinatra COME FLY AWAY.  

Blue Lady:  Karine Plantadit

In a reprise of her show-stopping number last year, hostess Carol Lawrence performed “Top Hat,” and recruited six strong men from the audience to perform – and lift her during her number!  There were no “plants” in the audience, but a few of them were show biz workhorses, like Ken Urmston and Jerome Hardeman!

Top Hat:  Carol Lawrence and members from the audience!

Yet another highlight of the evening was the SWEET CHARITY segment.  Introduced by Tony Sheldon, and opening with the ladies of Marymount Manhattan College, they began a live, video and then extra “live” segment with original members of the SWEET CHARITY company and those who came after…  It was an homage to the past, with the next generation waiting in the wings… Special thanks to DO40 member Bethany Elkin, for rounding up her students at Marymount and editing the special video clip. 

BIG SPENDER:  Betsy Dickerson (original) Kathryn Mowat Murphy (FOSSE “Big Spender”), Margo Sappington (original replacement) Alice Evans (original) and Carolyn Kirsch (original replacement)

DO40 Prez John Sefakis entered and the ladies sat down to chat about “Big Spender,” Bob Fosse and their experiences.  This was a short example of DO40’s yearly panels, honoring our own great choreographers and dancers, and gave the audience a sample of what’s to come in October when DO40 presents Ron Field:  APPLAUSE! A panel and performance with many cast members from his shows.

THE PANEL:  Betsy Dickerson, Kathryn Mowat Murphy, Alice Evans, Margo Sappington,
Carolyn Kirsch and DO40 President John Sefakis

And the “Finale” with all the Ladies together:

(Back Row) The Students of Marymount Manhattan College:  Allison Barrale,
Liane Zielinski, Julia Knitel, Allison Scott and Sidney Fisher

And to top off the CHARITY segment, Tony Sheldon introduced Eric Sciotto and they did their own “Broadway Backwards” version of “Baby, Dream your Dream!”

 BABY, DREAM YOUR DREAM:  Tony Sheldon and Eric Sciotto

And for a complete change of direction, dancer and choreographer Ramon Flowers performed a number he put together with Gregory King, Inside Lenox Lounge.  Ramon, another DO40 member, performed in the first DO40 CARES concert in 2010.

And then, new DO40 member, the age-defying Liliane Montevecchi (“twice over 40!” as she said) performed “Irma la Douce.”

Left: Outside Lenox Lounge - Ramon Flowers
Right: Irma La Douce - Liliane Montevecchi


(Warming up for) IRMA LA DOUCE:  Liliane Montevecchi

Our finale was choreographed by DO40 member Kathryn Mowat Murphy – her first foray into creating a large dance piece.  It featured four of the best dancers from the Broadway and ballet world, and brought the house down many times!   Although we are featuring only one or two photos here, there will be an extensive photo gallery coming to our website soon!  And for those of you on facebook, the over 200 pictures are already there for your viewing pleasure!

WOUNDED BUT NOT HURT: Matthew Dibble, Kent Zimmerman,
Kathryn Mowat Murphy, Alan Bennett and Kurt Froman

Our “Curtain Call” was indeed, a Curtain Call for all curtain calls, that recreated the horror of a spokesman talking way too long at the end of a show (which didn’t really happen!)  Staged by Larry Fuller, it also brought out the company for their real “curtain call!”

DO40 President John Sefakis and Ron Young “duke it out” in CURTAIN CALLS, with the entire cast.

Background Photo DO40 CARES 2015, By Jeff Eason, Wilsonmodels, Inc